Schneewittchen statue lohr am main

Well about the title… I’m not really browsing Etsy right jetzt but do have some favorites. An Germany mostly every little thing revolves about fashion shopping since my mom has always been a mode lover. If she’d it is in younger she’d be die perfect fashion blogger. I’ll get kommen sie some des my favorites soon.

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The roast ist something ich felt prefer mentioning zum a while jetzt on my blog. I’ve said i can’t just blog and look at ns pretty und there’s been some things in my hometown that just aren’t pretty at all and feel choose a large joke zu me. The zuerst time my parents sent out me in image des it, i laughed deshalb hard that i almost peed my pants. I can’t even remember if ich blogged around it already.

I oase mentioned zum sure the my home town of Lohr is the initial Snow White town and has to be claiming so for a lang time. You can read more about mine postHERE.

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It’s a beautiful little stadt with people who baffle me hinweisen times. I have shown a last of historic buildings like ns Snow White Castle already which you can see below again:



Don’t rub your eyes, freundin read correctly. It ist supposed to be eye white. Und guess what the “fantastic” artist zu sein getting 110 000 Euros (currently around $122 481) weil das the bronze cast statue. Quite right? He’ll be laughing all the way to die bank und years after.I honestly thought ist was a joke and a concealed camera nur at first. Deswegen did plenty of other citizens in my home town yet it möchte be die figure placed an front of the ugly prison structure.

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To me it is a severe case von a tiny city trying kommen sie be something lock are not but after every it gott them into the national news. Possibly that was die purpose?Then there was a high school student that made a malen an der wand joke on a concrete wall in town about ns statue and called it “horrorwittchen” (aka horror snow white, lakers below) and the towns human being started zu make merchandise through it and big money. You can see shirts, underwear, table wear, post cards and other traveler items with ns murderous malen an der wand snow white und dwarfs ~ above it everywhere town.