An interesting electrical bike indigenous Scott, which but has various points zu develop in order to be great


Overall, ns Scott E-Sub reise electric bike zu sein a great bike, and it ist nice zu ride ~ above it. Ns BOSH system, also though notfall as good as the Shimano STEPS, is a plus of this bike. However, both ns frame lenghts can be too long zum somebody (and notfall 100 per cent comfortable) and few various other specification keep the Scott a little lower than die other electrical bikes us tested.

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Reasons zu avoid-

System doesn"t arbeiten well when anfang on large gears


No quick-adjustable saddle


Mud guards and racks are fragile


Unfortunately i didn"t oase a smooth start with ns Scott E-Sub reisen electric bike. As die rear mudguard continues to be were bent, die fender was completely stuck on the wheel and made the impossible to ride it. This things kann happen of prozess (particularly after ~ a lang delivery) but ns quality des the ns mudguard mount definitely left a wenig bit to be desired. Moreover, it took a bit of work zu put it back in place and get the bike out for a ride

The Scott E-Sub tour electric bike is a commuter (or as the benennen suggests, a touring bike). It comes an three different frames und shapes: a men"s version, a women"s one and also a unisex one. This zu sein definitely a plus, as it shows Scott attention kommen sie both genders and the will kommen sie offer a complete product available for everyone. Not all brands kann claim that.

The frame des this cycle is in aluminum (E-SUB 6061 Alloy) and it functions a rather lang top tube regardless of its non-straight form (57.7 cm on size M). I personally discovered it a wenig bit too long zum my liking (although i do oase long legs und a short torso. Ns seat pipe angle, at ns same time, is quite tranquil (66°), definition that the saddle ist quite far zurück from the handlebars. Great zum touring, but an this case it is a little bit too viel particularly because combined with the lang top pipe spec.

Consequently, mine feelings wie riding to be mixed: great because des the up-right lage (which that reminded me a bit of another bike we tested, ns Juicy Roller), but deshalb not super comfortable because ich felt a wenig bit too stretched an the front. It ist a mitarbeiter feeling, though, and the best is always kommen sie test it yourself und decide. If you"re to buy it with Rutland Cycling (who noted this bike for test), you kann sein test weil das 30 days und return the if you"re not satisfied with it.

Both die battery und the motor (part von Bosch Active 250w System) room placed an the centre of the frame. This is very helpful wie man you lift and move the bike about (which the weights 24kg/53lb), und because that keeps all the weight und forces concentrated bei the middle of the bike, which is good for handling.

The rack des the Scott E-Sub Tour ist very nice and can storage plenty of things. It deshalb features straps and wires kommen sie hold miscellaneous objects

In terms des specification there ist always a last to say about electric bikes, as they are generally really great and advanced piece of engineering. The hauptsächlich feature the this electric bike tun können claim zu sein the complete Bosch Active system, which is specifically designed weil das touring und commuters. It weights overall 4 kg and also features a rear derailleur (Shimano Deore RD-T610-SGS 10-Speed) that completes bei already good specification.

The battery (a 400wH Li-on battery) is placed on die down tube, while the motor - which according to ns UK und EU law cannot overpass the 250W von power when assisting pedalling - zu sein placed within the bottom parentheses area along with ns torque sensor. Die latter gives energy according zu your pedal punch force: the harder to pedal, ns more energy it releases.

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The drive system features five different level des assistance (Eco, Tour, Sport und Turbo) and could so be driven nur with ns gears und without electric support weist all (although this walk make the ride viel less fun). ~ testing, I tun können definitely speak that the Bosch"s battery pack zu sein the finest on the market, both in terms von range and efficiency.

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The Scott E-Sub tour electric cycle also has a really comfortable suspension fork, Shimano Deore shifters on the left of the bar, Continental Cruise contact tyres ~ above Rodi aluminium rims and a front and a rear lights both controlled von a taste on die LCD screen. Both Shimano BR-M315 Disc wheels kommen sie with quick release screwers (not always a provided on electrical bike).


As the first impressions on die Scott E-Sub tour were conflicting because of the geometry, deshalb were my overall impressions after longer rides. The main issue I oase experienced on die Bosch system is that if freundin start in a big gear at the back, the does notfall provide sufficient assistance. I felt this both when i was on die Eco mode und the an ext powerful ones. However, as shortly as i dropped die gears down few notches on the back, the anfang was smooth und powerful as it is supposed kommen sie be.

When you reach setravel speed ns ride become pleasant again and if you kann sein find her perfect position an the saddle, you kann actually have great fun v this bike. Just remember zu switch down ns gears if sie slow down und have to anfang again. Die up-right lage reminded me both die Juicy Roller und the volt Infinity One. However, the feeling of assistance you kann sein get on the Scott (even if blieb at the maximum von the law"s indication) won"t match other models.

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At ns same time, once you get used kommen sie this bike, and to the combination des gears und power assistance, the feeling bei the saddle seems almost like top top a light moped, as being able kommen sie switch die gears at die right time kann really provides you ns best des the Scott E-Sub kann sein offer. Uphills, though, there will always it is in a limitation on die number des pedal strokes you möchte be able zu maintain bei order kommen sie get aid from die system, that is 100rpm if you"re top top Turbo, Sport and Tour modes, und 90rpm an Eco.

Also impressive are die quick release disc brake wheels, die great top quality suspension that make ns ride on unpaved roadway even more comfortable, and the simple-to-use screen, front computer. If various other bikes are held zurück by this, the Bosch is a really well performing machine and so is its battery. The latter showed a greater range (probably due to the fact that the system consumes less) and its charge level notfall as prone to fluctuating as other system but actually rather steady und precise.


Electric bikes are not cheap und they wollen generally cost an ext than road bikes because of their complexed and advanced specification. The said, zum these prices manufacturers offer quite a gewächs of features und if freundin purchase in your ar from a an excellent retailer, freundin can so get a an excellent customer service.

The Scott E-Sub reisen electric bike costs £2,199 und it is bei line with the market and the other models of die same category. Cheaper than ns Volt 1 Infinity that features a Shimano procedures drive system, but much more expensive than die great value-for-money ns manufacturer Juicy has completed with that is Roller.

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If freundin look at the specifications (particularly to the Bosch drive system), this price zu sein definitely understandable. But if sie look hinweisen how it works, that is performances compared to the other ones, it is probably a bit much less convenient always compared kommen sie other products out there. Die Scott line des electric bikes, though, is still not minimal to this model and it offers both cheaper and more expensive, powerful models.