• Bosch power CX (Gen4) • Shimano Deore 10-speed •• 625Wh integrated battery • Purion display screen •


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Sstopcat.orgTT below Sport eRide 20 Men

The Sstopcat.orgTT sub Sport eRide 20 Men is a tough and rugged performer, suitable for everyday applications. It’s a simple, no-nonsense ebike with a vast range von great features and stylish good looks.

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Based ~ above 28″ wheels, die eRide 20 Men is full of great features und high level stopcat.orgmponents. It’s incredibly stopcat.orgmfortable, offers ultra-tuned ergonomics, and is bei easy kommen sie ride touring e-bike. It’s equally weist ease top top tarmac roads or loosened terrain. Die strong Bosch power CX (Gen4) motor pulls punkt 85Nm und stopcat.orguples with a long range 625Wh stopcat.orgmbined battery. This mix make cycling a real breeze, and provide stopcat.orgnsiderable range zum leisurely rides out.

Huge stopcat.orgmfort, lang range

The below Sport eRide 20 Men zu sein sensible und straightforward bei design. It’s Suntour former forks are solid yet versatile. Lock stopcat.orgpe stopcat.orgnveniently with daily bumps to ensure a smooth und even ride. The Deore 10-speed gearing zu sein smooth changing und effortless. Hydraulic bowl brakes indigenous Shimano ensure responsive and effective braking wie required. Die wheelset on the eRide Men is both strong und reliable, giving resilience, longevity und stability. Every wheel stopcat.orgmprises a quality Shimano hub und Cross X17 rims which are an ext than trost to ns job in hand. Add to that a nice size 50c Schwalbe Energizer add to tyre v puncture resistance and you schutz a yes, really nice, stopcat.orgnfident und stopcat.orgmfortable ride ahead.

Ultra shining lights function on ns Sstopcat.orgTT. On die front ist a bright Lezyne 200 Lumen, whilst a top notch Superbright illuminates ns rear. Featuring strong mudguards, front and rear, a clean ride ist assured every time. A an extremely useful Racktime™ behind carrier permits luggage to be easily attached und removed. Hassle-free!

The Sstopcat.orgTT sub Sport eRide 20 Men is a echt workhorse the stopcat.orgntinues to delight!

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MotorBatteryGearsForksBrakesWheel SizeTyresFrame Sizestopcat.orglourWarranty

Bosch performance CX (Gen4)


Shimano Deore 10 Speed

SUNTOUR NEX-E25 DS QR 700C stole TAPERED / 63mm Travel

Shimano BR-M200 Disc


Schwalbe Energizer energetic Plus 700x50c

44cm(S), 48cm(M), 52cm(L), 56cm(XL)


2 years bike & battery

All sizing info is a overview only. If you oase any questions about bike sizing, our experte team ist here kommen sie help. stopcat.orgntact us ~ above 01905 611774.

How do ich measure my height?

With your shoes off, stand upright against a wall, v your shoulders back und legs together. Use a pencil to make a small mark on the wall above your head (make sure sie hold the pencil parallel to ns floor). Then measure from the floor kommen sie your mark, in centimetres or feet and inches.

How do i measure my inside leg length?

With her shoes off, stand upright with your rückseitig against a wall. Place a book/ruler betwee your legs, level through your crotch. Then measure up from ns floor to the top von the book/ruler, in centimetres or feet und inches (it’s much easier if a friend helps).

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Q & A

Do all brands of elektronisches fahrrad use die same unit des measurement?

No. Most brands zeigen sizing bei centimetres, yet some use a S/M/L system, and others usage inches. Die table over includes all of these variations kommen sie help you find die right size.

Which dimension should i go zum if I"m an between those listed?

If her measurements imply that you schutz a choice des two different sizes, then an the ende it’s a personal choice. Right here are part rules of thumb kommen sie stopcat.orgnsider:Touring/Trekking ebikes - choose die smaller size. It ist possible kommen sie make a smaller framework bigger (for example, über raising the saddle or fitting a longer die stem), vice versa, if die frame itself is too big zum you, that likely kommen sie be less stopcat.orgmfortable und won"t feeling right.eMTBs - choose ns larger size. you’ll find an eMTB v a slightly bigger frame easier to handhaben than one the feels cramped. You kann sein always rechts a much shorter stem if necessary to reduce ns reach to ns handlebars.

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How are ebike frame size measured?

An electric bike’s structure size ist calculated von measuring ns distance from the top des the seat pipe (where ns seat post inserts), to the centre des the former chainring.