Sd Karte U1 U3 Unterschied

Our field von photography ist as wide und varied as a varieties -It’s almost bei allegory weil das one. And like a living species, no matt how much interbreeding has taken place bei the taxonomic unit, yes a similar baseline, und for us picture makers the unit is the medium that stores die photograph. It was once film, and that’s ausblüten there, however arguably, today, it’s die diminutive und rather uninteresting storage card.

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Unlike its modern-day evolution, film stocks every had different personalities und character traits. You could suppose varied grain, details color values and all manners von quirks, and we love them for it. Deshalb much so, an fact, we’ve refused kommen sie let lock go; ns proliferation von digital presets zu emulate particular stocks space evidence of that.


Memory cards don’t schutz personality, really; If they to be a person you’d imagine they to be Ben felsen a lá Ferris Bueller. The said, lock are notfall created equal, und I’ve to be fielding questions lately top top which map types to buy. What has end up being clear is that even as integral together they are to our processes, there are a great many camera owners out there who haven’t die foggiest idea about memory card performance, and treat map purchases as a happy dip. The needn’t it is in so.

Now, as with anything tech related, we kann really get into part deep speak really quickly. We might sit here und debate ns benefit des the ide protocol von CF versus SD’s very own protocol system und such, however there are really just a couple of key sachen most need to remember, und we’ll address two des the most commonly asked questions, and accompany them with two videos that together carry out a good arbeit of demonstrating where die cards every sit.


U1 or U3?

The zuerst question is über far und away die most common today, und asks kommen sie find ns difference betwee U1 und U3 rated SD cards. What is being request here zu sein what die difference is betwee UHS-1 class 1 and Class 3 cards. Bei simple terms, UHS-1 klasse 1 has actually a min write speed des 10MB/s, und Class 3 has actually a min write speed des 30MB/s, and we’re talking deshalb here around increased continual write speed.

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This zu sein a far-ranging difference, und especially critical wie man recording big amounts of data rapidly, as would be ns case recording 4K video. If you’re shoot a small sensor, und just street shooting or portraits, this might not matter much, deshalb just change according kommen sie how sie shoot. Inspect out the video below to see just quite how much faster die U3 is.

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The XQD cards were presented with a read/write speed von 125 MB/s, however Moore’s Law und the boffins at Nikon und Sony predict the future iterations von the XQD wollen be able kommen sie write together high as 500 MB/s, and perhaps even 1000 MB/s, v a warehouse ceiling des about 2TB.

Sounds good right? Well, it is, but options zum cameras the take this style are small, deswegen its future zu sein a little bit uncertain. However, die adoption von the D500 zu sein going kommen sie likely oase a lot to perform with XQD development, und thus much it’s every positive. This is a look at what kind of performance you tun können expect with an XQD mit CF.

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