Seat leon cupra 280 erfahrungen

We"ve gott a chair Leon Cupra 280 ~ above test zum the ideal part des a year. Here"s just how we are acquiring on with die most powerful Seat ever made...

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The chair Leon Cupra 280 is the most powerful production Seat ever before made and a genuine warm hatch.

We are spending a year living with ns Cupra 280 to seen what it ist like to direkte with ~ above a day kommen sie day basis.

The car Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 280 CupraRun by Tom Webster, Digital inhalt EditorNeeds to Commute across South london to the What Car? office; deal with with lang trips to visit family bei the countryside; fit a cycle or two an the bootRun von What Car? since July 2014

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What’s the like?

The chair Leon ns living with is the Cupra 280, i m sorry comes finish with a 276bhp petrol engine.

My previous vehicle was so a seat Leon, an FR trim and complete with the 1.4 TSI engine. After spending nine months with the best all-rounder bei the Leon range, i was curious about die ultimate version.

When it arrived there to be a couple of numbers that piqued my interest, many notably die 0-62mph time of 5.8 seconds. However, ns official fuel economy des 42.8mpg was so reassuring offered this car ist my consistent commuting tool and my weekend entertainment.

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Seat Leon Cupra specification

Apart from the bright Nevada White metallic repaint (£530), the Cupra ist entirely standard, v no included options. Still, the kit list zu sein generous, through dynamic chassis manage (DCC) system, high-performance brakes, front differential, 19-inch alloys, DAB digital radio, sat-nav, a schwarz rear spoiler, and auto lights und wipers all included.

One thing that zu sein sadly missing, und which I in well aware of bei these chillier months, ist a heated seat. Heated former seats are only available as part des the winter Pack, which also includes a headlight washer system und heated prior washer nozzles. Die headlight bits are less of in issue, as ich routinely clean off the headlights when ich de-ice die car des a morning, however as die whole verpackt costs £355 it blieb seems favor a fairly affordable kasten to oase ticked wie speccing die car.

Daily driving

My commute is not exactly the best place to explore die limits von the Leon Cupra’s abilities, as it ist 10 miles of suburban back roads, finish with potholes and speed bumps.

As a result, ich tend kommen sie put die DCC system in the softest setting und leave that there zum five days of the week und sometimes more.

It zu sein stiff, but in this setting there zu sein none des the bone-jarring crashing that you’d acquire it freundin put it in Sport or also Cupra modes.

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However, I schutz been having great fun playing with the Cupra taste on die dash von my new Leon when ich head out von town, because it provides a really noticeable difference kommen sie how the car feels, an several ways. Firstly, the adaptive suspension gets much firmer, deshalb you and your passengers möchte immediately be aware of the change, even before sie approach a corner.