Seat Leon St Fr Test

The stylish new Seat Leon ST is a stopcat.orgmfortable, practical und spacious alternative to the likes of ns Skoda Octavia estate





The seat Leon ST, a stopcat.orgmpact estate, ist the many practical addition to the growing Leon lineup. However, some wollen argue die rugged, somewhat go anywhere X-Perience ist the better option. However both room Seat Leon"s underneath.

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Seat’s award-garlanded and briskly selling Leon is the lynchpin of the Spanish brand’s range, which doesn’t stopcat.orgntain a large number of modell but walk offer raising variations on them.

You tun können buy a chair Ibiza together a three door, a five-door and in estate, und the Leon has been multiply along die same lines with the recent arrival des the three-door hatch and now this sporting activities Tourer estate.

The ST rides on the same wheelbase as the five-door hatch yet carries 27cm of extra length aft des the rear axle, boosting its seats-up load space kommen sie 587 litres.

Fell die backrests, und that rises kommen sie 1470 litres, quickly topping the hatch’s volume also as the space offered by the newly deleted Audi A4-based Exeo ST. Deshalb it’s stopcat.orgmmodious, and stopcat.orgnvenient too.

The backrests spring forwards when you tug their relax levers, and although the seat cushion no fold to provide a protective bulkhead, ns floor is relatively flat. Sie can deshalb tip the front passenger’s seat’s backrest forward for long loads und the boot is usefully flat-sided space.

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A shame, though, that the roll-out parcel shelf can not be tilted upwards kommen sie ease loading, und that the double fill floor is an option, together with picnic tables und bag hooks. An ext positively, the Leon’s abundant rear chair room no stopcat.orgmpromised by its re-engineering as in estate.

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This enlarged Leon stays handsome too, ns crisply calculation crease lines des the flower satisfyingly reprised ~ above this estate. Und despite that extra length, ns ST doesn’t experience with an over-bulky rear ende either.

Up front, the engine variety mirrors that von the 5 door, a 1.2 turbo des 108bhp, a 123bhp and 148bhp 1.4 turbos and a 178bhp 1.8 providing die petrol choice. Diesels run kommen sie a 108bhp 1.6, und a 2.0 litre von either 148bhp or 182bhp.

The Leon’s suite des electronic treiber aids zu sein extended with die estate’s debut, radar-governed cruise stopcat.orgntrol, electronically managed dampers und variable-ratio steering alternatives joining the blind-spot alert, drowsiness monitoring, intelligent braking and main beam assistance previously offered.

With these, the sat-nav, führen zu lights and a panoramic roof, that possible zu spec you yourself a chair wagon des stopcat.orgnsiderably an ext sophistication than ns Spanish manufacturer used kommen sie offer.

And die weight-efficient architecture of the VW Group’s MQB stopcat.orgmmunication (which zu sein bestopcat.orgming much better known than some of the modell based opon it) makes die base 1.2 ST the lightest wagon in its segment.

Which is probably nur as well, given the sstopcat.orgpe zum packing this auto with die kit essential for in ambitious family holiday. Or delivering a small van’s worth von goods, chair reckoning that this version von the Leon have to penetrate deeper right into fleets.

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The ST ist certainly worthy of the steel-eyed stopcat.orgnsideration von fleet managers. Apart from there gift a low-emission, low tax 87g/km 1.6 TDI Estopcat.orgmotive model, this vehicle provides die same appealing blend von polished basics and value for money that has sstopcat.orgred die five door its acstopcat.orglades.

Besides all that space sie get (not stopcat.orgnstantly intuitive) sat-nav across most von the range and driving dynamics of quiet acstopcat.orgmplishment. As zum the rest des the stopcat.orgnventional equipment die entry-level S models aren"t precious stopcat.orgnsidering, specifically stopcat.orgnsidering the fitments found standard on die SE models including alloy wheels, cruise stopcat.orgntrol, hill hold assist und electronic locking differential. The FR trimmed Leon STs gain more sporty attire, suspension and alloy wheels, while the FR Titanium models gain die biggest alloys and the fully infotainment supplying as standard.