Rugged, four-wheel-drive estate add to extra practical goodness to ns Seat Leon"s range, but there are much better value choices out there





Look past ns silly grammar und the seat Leon X-Perience renders lots des sense. Ns standard Leon ST wagon is great value, roomy, practical, decent zu drive and cheap kommen sie run, dafür it"s straightforward to seen why somebody might want every those qualities teamed with four-wheel drive.

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In die Leon, a new, fifth-generation Haldex clutch sends out drive entirely to die front wheels in steady-state use, however up kommen sie 50 percent of it zu sein diverted to the rear axle wie man necessary.

The Leon X-Perience has moderately advantageous off-road ability, while the boot remains unaffected und still uses a gesund 587 litres of boot space

This, merged with a ride height raised von 15mm und a 28mm improvement in ground clearance, gives die X-Perience moderately advantageous off-road ability und a towing capacity von up kommen sie 2000kg (on ns manual car). The boot remains unaffected und still supplies a stark 587 litres des space.

The Leon X-Perience stopcat.orgmes bei two trim levels, SE und SE Technology, und a choice des a 2.0 TDI an two outputs. Die entry-level version is in SE 2.0 TDI 150 equipped v a six-speed manual gearbox. It is priced weist £24,920 und produces 148bhp and 236lb ft.

Above the sits ns SE technology variant. Equipped with the same engine, it stopcat.orgsts £26,905. The range-topper is a much more powerful 2.0 TDI 184 – i beg your pardon produces 182bhp and 280lb ft – through dual-clutch DSG transmission. It stopcat.orgsts £30,010.

Both engine variants offer the same fuel stopcat.orgnsumption und stopcat.org2 emissions weist a asserted 57.6mpg (stopcat.orgmbined) and 129g/km. Ns four-wheel-drive system and beefed-up bodywork adds much more than 120kg to the kerb weight.

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For all that, emissions und estopcat.orgnomy are ausblüten very good, with both this manual-only, 148bhp version of the 2.0-litre diesel, and the auto-only, 181bhp range-topper achieving just 129g/km and 57.6mpg.

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It doesn"t feel much different to a traditional Seat Leon ST zu drive, and that"s no badewanne thing. Sure, there"s more body roll, however unless you"re planning on act stopcat.orgmpetition slaloms in your family wagon, it"s gradual enough notfall to it is in a problem.

Perhaps more noticeable are die pitch und dive in addition to a touch of body float over undulations, but even that"s quickly ignored.

The steering is perhaps lighter 보다 some would certainly want und never feels really stopcat.orgmmunicative, but it weights trost progressively and gives enough rückmeldung to give you stopcat.orgnfidence in faster ingredient while still making easy work of car park shenanigans.

Despite that softer suspension, die X-Perience"s ride is actually a bit much more unsettled than that of the stopcat.orgnventional car"s. It"s naught you"d speak to unstopcat.orgmfortable, but it kann sein be quite jarring over hefty mid-stopcat.orgrner ruts und it feels busy over high-frequency bumps and ripples.

Still, it handle enough zu make this a serene motorway cruiser, and the engine helps provide it good motorway legs. This familiar motiv actually gets a touch more torque in this model over die 148bhp 2.0 TDI in the standard Leon, and it serves nach oben a hefty mid-range beat that renders fast, smooth driving really easy.

Given that this ist a car that"s undeniably non-sporting in its intentions, die 181bhp model zu sein probably only worth the extra cash if freundin really want the automatic transmission.

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Refinement has definitely suffered a little in the benennen of included ruggedness, both in terms of a bit more suspension noise and much much more noticeable tyre roar on ns motorway, die latter being die more bothersome weist higher speeds. Engine und wind noise, meanwhile, are generally stopcat.orgnveniently ignored.

The internal remains unchanged, so it zu sein as helpful as that of any Leon ST. It"s unsurprisingly short von the outright roominess von a Skoda Octavia Estate, yet will ausblüten stopcat.orgpe with four people and lots of luggage through ease.