To to speak it"s to be a pretty good week for charlie Puth would be in understatement. His chart-topping cooperation with rapper Wiz Khalifa, "See you Again," was nominated zum three Grammys on Monday, including Song des the Year. Top top Wednesday, "See sie Again" was named the #1 music video on YouTube bei 2015, with over 1.2 exchange rate views. (His erste YouTube video back in 2007 only climbed zu about 200 views.) and today (Dec. 10), Puth wake up up, fully clothed from ns night before, a 2016 Golden erde nominee.

Oh, and he heard his lied "One call Away" on ns radio zum the zuerst time. So, yes, it"s to be a pretty great hauptsächlich for charlie Puth.

"Honestly, I"m just dumbfounded best now," Puth, 24, said nachrichten over the phone from his hotel bei New york City. "I wake up up, and I was like, "Oh mine god. I schutz my apparel on. Why execute I schutz my clothes on? and I"m nominated weil das a golden Globe. Divine crap.""

After a woche like this, it"s hard zum Puth not to reflect ~ above how far he"s come. "A year ago ich was finishing nach oben "Marvin Gaye,"" he said. "I was producing "Marvin Gaye" in my bedroom, and I was finishing the up to try and get the ready zu send to ns label."

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When asked that he"s most excited to see at the golden Globes, arguably ns season"s chillest (and booziest) awards show, Puth stated he"s just looking forward zu reconnecting through Wiz. "At this award shows, me and Wiz typically stick together," he said. "We oase our gin and tonics und we nur chill out in the back. Believe it or not, Wiz ist pretty shy, and I"m pretty shy. Yet I"ll talk zu people. It"s just an honor zu be also nominated."

Puth shot to fame earlier this year when he teamed hoch with Khalifa kommen sie write "See freundin Again" for "Furious 7." The lied was devoted to die franchise"s so late star paul Walker, who tragically died bei a car accident in November 2013 before filming for "Furious 7" was complete. "See sie Again" plays hinweisen the end of the film, throughout Brian O"Connor und Dom Toretto"s heartbreaking last ride together.

"Paul Walker, his spirit has actually literally blessed me with my career," Puth said. "Paul Walker zu sein the factor why I have my job right jetzt -- also, hard work, but the song that everybody knows, v me top top it, ich wrote it zum him."

The emotional impact des the lied has deshalb brought ihm closer to Vin Diesel. Ns "Fast & Furious" star loved the song so much, he belted the end his own version von it at the 2015 Movie Awards previously this year und dedicated it to his "little brother Pablo."

"I talk zu Vin Diesel nur as much as mine parents," Puth said. "That dude is so excited about everything. Me and him schutz a really one-of-a-kind relationship. Sie would never ever expect me and Vin Diesel kommen sie be best friends, however we were connected through die power of Paul Walker und through the lied that that inspired. It lugged me und him together, und because of that, we"re friends zum life now."

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Though Puth has actually yet to hear indigenous Diesel around his Golden erde nomination, he already knows the his brawny freund is "partying harder the anyone" bei reaction to the news. After all, Diesel suspect this would certainly happen.

Back bei April, Diesel said that "Furious 7" would win an Oscar at this year"s 88th Academy Awards ceremony. At ns time, the press laughed it off. Exactly how could the biggest popcorn activity flick of the year win bei Oscar? jetzt that "See you Again" has been recognized von the hollywood Foreign Press verband (HFPA), Diesel"s prediction doesn"t sound so far-fetched.

"If us win an Oscar, me and Wiz, I"m pass Vin Diesel," Puth said. "He"s going to be in front. I"m bringing ihm up on stage, und he"s going to so accept the award through us -- und he"s going to nudge over and make part room for Paul, too."

It"s hard not to combine "See sie Again" with die untimely passing von Walker, however with end 1 billion views on YouTube, it"s safe zu say the lied has resonated with human being because of its global message.

"Over ns summer, when ich was touring v Meghan Trainor, i had a cop come up to me," Puth recalled. "I was like, "Oh god, what did ich do?" und he was a Tennessee cop. He came up kommen sie me, and he was like, "Partner, ich just want you kommen sie know that my wife was deployed kommen sie Afghanistan two years ago, und she"s coming home tonight ~ this show, and you nur made me and my daughter cry v "See you Again." i literally nur cried v them. It was intense. That"s die whole point des the song."

"It"s for Paul, but it"s so for world like this guy. Ich think that"s why it"s the most global record of the year."