Die Übertragen mit der Maus (The regimen with die Mouse) has actually been screening since 1971. The one of the oldest and most well-known shows zum children top top TV. Each illustration consists of several brief segments that present die info that zu sein straight forward, simple, and easy to understand. There are two main components des each episode: Lachgeschichten (entertaining) and Sachgeschichten (informative).

The Lachgeschichten are an ext entertaining and fun clips. They are oftentimes cartoons such together Käpt’n Blaubär. The Sachgeschichten space short, non-fiction geschichte or mini-documentaries that show “how stuff works” (e.g., Why are there holes in the cheese? exactly how do they do honey?).The mouse und her friends (the little blue elephant und the yellow duck) show up here and there between the various segments.The show is quite interesting—even for adults!

You kann sein find episodes online at ns Erste Mediathek or top top Youtube. Over there is so a webseite which has short videos clips and interactive gamings all around Die sending out mit ns Maus. Enjoy!

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My son, loves to watched die program, however, ich don’t understand just how it tun können be zum bilingual babies if die whole program is basically silent, with no talked words, or bei der I absent something? give thanks to you

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Hallo Simone! Each episode of ns Sending hit der Maus has actually various klein clips, part informative, others entertaining and more fun, fictitious stories. Here is the verknüpfung to the Maus youtube channel It has actually a variety of the clips that do have language. I think ns only people that space silent are die clips with die Maus and the Elefant. Otherwise, ns clips are an German deshalb it’s a resource weil das when you oase German together one of your family members languages.