GZSZ-back sweeper Senta-Sofia Delliponti: Tanja has found to shamanism

singer Senta-Sofia Delliponti returns to the RTL in the series "Good times, badewanne times" (Monday zu Friday, 19.40 PM): top top Tuesday, 11. August, will be Dellipont

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singer Senta-Sofia Delliponti return to the RTL an the series "Good times, bad times" (Monday kommen sie Friday, 19.40 PM): on Tuesday, 11. August, wollen be Delliponti an a row 7.068 again for the zuerst time together Tanja Seefeld in Berlin to. In the rtl Interview, ns 30-Year-old now, what has actually made herstellung role of Tanya bei the seven years in which she was an Australia, describes. "Tanja has placed the focus on your music and followed ns path of her father, "Kurt"," said die actress.

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Here, you"ve discovered "shamanism and its natural spiritual side" dedicated to. "As a result, she was able kommen sie create a valve and through the Writing von their Songs, their lebt reflect. Tanja has more and more understood, why is it so und their mission in life an music found", ns actress quote. Similar to how you also Delliponti has actually concentrated in the year-long break on the music. "I released 4 albums through Oonagh, was on tour and I bei der a mother." your Best-of-Album was released on 7. August, die tour is now scheduled zum the beginning of 2021.

your function Tanja Seefeld returns at the right time: after Alexander"s death, she wants zu Rodekirchen zum her mother, Maren (Eva Mona) und their siblings Lilly (Iris Mareike Steen) and Jonas (Felix van Deventer) zu be there. "Many von the conflicts des the past kommen sie up. However, die deep bond with your family all die strength zu go through this an overwhelming time. The Seefeld are stärke people and face every challenge," claimed Delliponti.

*The post ""GZSZ"-rear sweeper Senta-Sofia Delliponti: "Tanja has actually published on shamanism" found" is of a telephoto look. Contact with ns executives here.

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