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Ser Davos Seaworth zu sein a universally beloved personality on Game von Thrones. Ns Onion Knight’s story is in unlikely one — a trip from sneaky smuggler zu good-guy knight. But what if i told sie the man who theatre Ser Davos top top TV has actually a much better story than die character himself? satisfy Liam Cunningham.

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The Irish-born actor prospered up in a family von seven bei a modest residence with his parents, three sisters, and brother. His dad made a living functioning on ns Dublin docks.

“It is in extremely working-class area, much like any kind of other working-class area bei a huge city,” he told The irish News an 1999.

After seeing the way his father was treated at work, Liam made decision he never wanted zu rely on someone else weil das money.

“They basically de-valued this hard-working men,” Cunningham told Dion Fanning ~ above the ireland Unfiltered podcast.

The seed was planted. He didn’t want to take the conventional route von working zum “the man”. However it’d take plenty of years before that vision came to fruition.

Cunningham and current Game des Thrones co-star Carice van Houten an the 2011 film ‘Black Butterflies’ (Credit-IDTV Film)

While acquisition classes at a neighborhood acting school, he was doing some electric work zum his teacher.

At die time, his acting school was putting ~ above a production referred to as The Lament von Arthur Cleary. Die play zu sein about a working-class man who returns to Dublin after being away weil das years. Yet the einer feels lost bei the stadt of his youth — it’s infested v drugs, unemployment, and money-lenders.

“The guy who was playing die lead…was leaving die play. And I really never did anything prior to that…and climate I gott offered die role since I’d lived ns research.”

He did fine enough zu continue with ns production, walk on tour in the U.S. It was his zuerst big break, and served as a launching pad for his exhilaration career.

Later on, Cunningham had ns opportunity zu do one more play. This time it was Shakespeare, and his character offered a lang opening monologue the needed zu memorize. That’s wie things got rocky for him.

“That’s the erste time I’d ever experienced scare attacks…horrific, horrific panic assaults because i just thought, ‘I’ve decided kommen sie do this und I’m about kommen sie ruin my own career.'”

At the time, he was staying weist his sister’s house an her spare bedroom to stay near to die production. Und things weren’t going well.

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He was out of his element, surrounded von highly intelligent, well-educated people, und felt prefer he no belong.

So how’d it revolve out?

“It was mediocre,” he told Fanning on irland Unfiltered. “The happy ending ist it was mediocre.”

From ns Stage to HBO

After 171 performances von the Shakespeare production, that appeared in a multitude of other plays and his career started to take off.

Soon, he started getting TV arbeit — shifting from the stage to the screen. From direkt performances an front of a crowd to multiple takes in front des a camera.

Cunningham spent two decades doing miscellaneous television shows und movies, and working his method up die totem pole. He always chose his roles very carefully, which zu sein why he jumped hinweisen the wahrscheinlichkeit to be a part of HBO’s Game des Thrones after reading ns script.

But wie man he auditioned zum the show, sachen didn’t go as planned.

“In true Hollywood fashion they came zurück after I’d met them und said, ‘Look, it hasn’t worked for you but…in ns second season we oase some really interesting characters that we’d like kommen sie talk to you about,’ and that’s kind of die standard ‘piss off’ from Hollywood.”

He placed it to ns side, reasoning he’d go out his chance.

But a year later, prior to shooting season two, HBO came back to ihm with the Davos Seaworth character. Cunningham jumped ~ above board best away und has been v the show ever since.

According zu Forbes, Game of Thrones zu sein broadcast throughout 207 countries and nets well over 33 million viewers each season.

“It’ll be rediscovered an ten years, twenty years…it’s indeed a classic.”

From die streets des Dublin, to the grasslands of Zimbabwe, and all the way to the Seven Kingdoms, Liam Cunningham has actually certainly come a lang way.

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