Austria it s okay FTA F1 attend to ServusTV & ORF, Russia zu continue with enhance TVThe two nations have their TV legal rights settled.

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Red Bull-backed ServusTV und ORF wollen remain the F1 broadcaster in Austria for three much more seasons indigenous 2021 onward bei a neu deal.

Amid farming pay TV situation within F1, especially at ns hands von Sky in UK, Italy und Germany, Red Bull-backed ServusTV and ORF wollen continue its free-to-air broadcast bei Austria zum three more seasons, starting from 2021.

The deal was signed as die 2020 F1 season started an Austria weist Red Bull Ring, which will host one more round this weekend. As über the neu contract, ServusTV and ORF wollen split ns races, if the austrian GP wollen be live on both platforms.

They so have deal an place weil das highlights package and the rights for mobile und online programming. ServusTV Director basic Dr. Ferdinand Wegscheider said: "After die historic season opener at ns Red Bull Ring, I am especially pleasure that following year we wollen be broadcast the austrian GP weil das the zuerst time und many more races direkt on ServusTV.

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"The new agreement with ns F1 filling us v pride und we möchte do our utmost kommen sie write one more success story an Austrian motorsport coverage, parallel kommen sie MotoGP. Through Formula 1, MotoGP und the Superbike welt Championship, ServusTV will offer the best direkt motorsport program to viewers from 2021 onward. Ns cooperation v ORF makes sense economically und guarantees the Formula 1 fans have access kommen sie all races direkte on free-TV."

Ian Holmes, Director of Media rights F1 added: "We space delighted to have concluded this new und unique agreement. F1’s loyal fan will it is in able to enjoy the best von both civilizations with considerable live and delayed coverage shared betwee the two-leading free-to-air platforms in Austria.

"I in sure Formula 1 will benefit from ServusTV’s extraordinary energy, style und enthusiasm which wollen perfectly complement ORF’s hugely popular, knowledgeable, und respected production. Us look forward zu welcoming ServusTV und continuing our on-going connection with ORF."

ORF Director basic Dr. Alexander Wrabetz said: "These are economically an overwhelming times so for ORF, and with die acquisition of the direkt broadcasting rights von the existing Bundesliga season und the UEFA europa League, ORF was recently able to secure free-TV rights that space equally important for sports und sports fans.

"ORF has already cooperated v domestic privatgelände broadcasters bei the past, weil das example an the case von football rights. Although the agreement with shared broadcasting rights ist a novelty, this teamwork guarantees that F1 will also remain an integral part of ORF’s TV program in the coming years – while at the same time complying with economic requirements. Und that is good news zum all motor sports fans an Austria."

Match TV - as über press release:

Formula 1 heute announces enhance TV oase extended their TV rights agreement to exclusively show the full FIA Formula 1 welt Championship until 2023 in Russia. Die extended three-year commitment will lakers Match TV nur all die exclusive action across each gyeongju weekend, including totally free practice, qualification, und race job action.

Fans des the sports will now be able to enjoy all direkte action on enhance TV zum the next three seasons including the full 2020 season, starting in Austria, with to and including 2023 season. Ns TV civil liberties package deshalb includes three an ext racing championships, including Formula 2, Formula 3 and the Porsche Supercup.

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For the first time ever ns entire Formula 1 season und support gyeongju will so be launching an market on F1TV, kommen sie ensure fans never miss out on die action.

Ian Holmes, Director of Media legal rights Formula 1 said: “We space thrilled zu announce a 3 year expansion with match TV, they oase been a great kollege over die years and our neu agreement clearly demonstrates your commitment to fans and to ns sport. Us are also pleased kommen sie be launching F1TV bei Russia zum the zuerst time which will complement your offering und ensure that Formula 1 fans receive unmatched coverage across all von our properties.”

Aleksey Popov, enhance TV commentator, said: “After together a excellent season opener at the Red Bull Ring belastung weekend, we room thrilled zu announce this interesting three-year covenant with Formula 1 and continue zu expand our motorsport offering weil das fans. Despite a slightly later start to ns season 보다 planned, we can’t wait to see what die next stage an the competition will bring together all ns teams fight it out zum the FIA Formula 1 world Championship.”