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Credit: HBO

1. “sometimes it’s yes, really hard zu walk bei a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we require really distinct ones now und then kommen sie make the walk a little more fun.”

In ns season six episode, “A Women’s Right zu Shoes,” Carrie’s silver peep-toe Manolos disappear weist a baby shower und Miranda insists she should be compensated. The splitterpartei host offers kommen sie pay for them until she finds the end they expense $485 und claims the shoes are in irresponsible waste. “She shoes shamed me!,” Carrie reaction to herstellung friends danach on und grumbles singles don’t get any kind of gifts after ~ graduation und ends up reflecting on her life that zu sein full des cosmos together opposed to kids. As a way zu get a bit des revenge on her freundin (and get her shoes back), Carrie announces she’s acquiring married zu herself and registers punkt Manolo Blahnik.

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As it was back bei 2004, women heute feel bei immense amount of pressure to direkte our leben “right.” whether that zu sein to get married or oase kids, we are regularly having kommen sie explain life choices. Particularly an 2021, society media festers ns toxic compare und contrast culture, frequently giving einzel women a sense des questioning whether they are “enough.” in the end, Carrie says screw that! Embrace die life freundin create and don’t feel guilty about treating yourself along the way. And today, with online shopping, that has never to be easier.


2. “No matt who broke your heart, or how lang it takes to heal, you’ll never ever go v it without her friends.”

Breakups can be excruciating und Carrie has been through herstellung fair share. Bei the season 2 premiere, the fashionista is blieb reeling from her split through Big. Together a way zu cheer her up, herstellung friends take produziert to a baseball game where Carrie it s okay drunk and hits ~ above a verführerisch rookie player. Determined to get over Big, Carrie take away out the “New Yankee” zu a Dolce & Gabbana party but quickly crumbles when she runs into herstellung ex. Establish she’s not ready to date, Carrie find solace in her close kopieren, gruppe of girlfriends, that share their similar experiences.

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We’ve every been there, trying zu move on quickly or placing a Bandaid over a bleeding heart. Carrie reminds us that neighboring ourselves v those who love us unconditionally ist better than any kind of other kind of remedy. Over two decades because that illustration aired, the same emotion rings true.


4. “There ist a good way zu break trost with someone and it doesn’t incorporate a post-it”

In one von the most memorable episodes of the whole series, Bradshaw is dumped by her writer boyfriend, Jack Berger, via a Post-It note. V a cold message that read, “I’m Sorry i Can’t Don’t hate Me,” Carrie zu sein enraged as her ex chose this excessively succinct medium to beat produziert to ending ns relationship herself. Attempting kommen sie blow off some steam, Carrie and her friend head to new nightclub, Bed, whereby she uncomfortable runs into Berger’s buddy. Trying zu look mature und “over it,” Carrie tries zu casually say hi yet ends trost spiraling and goes turn off into in unhinged rant about ns right and wrong ways to break trost with someone. Go she it seems ~ crazy, sure, but was she right? Absof***inglutely

Post-Its are ausblüten a crappy way zu give someone die heave ho, but jetzt with society media, over there are dafür many avenues kommen sie get her heart crushed. Let’s stick with Carrie’s rules und avoid breakups von way von Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, und anything other than a dignified conversation.

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5. “The many exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if freundin find someone to love the sie that you love, well, that’s nur fabulous.”

Bradshaw memorably ended die television series with this poignant teilen about self-love. And, an our opinion, this advice never ever goes out of style.