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"Sex und the City" has been a source of fashion inspiration zum over two decades. spoke v two of the costumer developers responsible zum some of those looks, as well as plenty of iconic moments zu come.

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The costume designers zum "And nur Like that ..." sought kommen sie create an "adult Carrie look."andjustlikethatcostumes / instagram
After practically a year of anticipation, “Sex and the City” fans will finally be able kommen sie enjoy die show’s sequel series, “And just Like That…,” this week. ~ above Thursday, Dec. 9, Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes und Charlotte York wollen re-enter viewers" lives an the "Sex und the City" reboot on HBO Max, along with some fresh neu faces.

Sarah jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon und Kristin Davis space reprising their iconic characters, now bei their 50s together they navigate a new stage von their lives an New york City. Despite the absence von one von the series" most beloved characters, Samantha, and the addition of new faces, one thing continues to be constant in this new “SATC” universe: fashion.

We couldn’t aid but wonder: with a reboot, how would ns series direkt up kommen sie its reputation for creating iconic aussehen that walk down in pop society history?

Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago opened trost about creating Sarah jessica Parker's sophisticated neu wardrobe.HBO MAX

Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago take it on die task as costume designers zum the resurgence series. Both oase a lang history with die show; Rogers was a co-costume designer alongside Patricia field during die original und its succeeding movies, 2008’s “Sex und the City” und 2010’s “Sex und the city 2.” Santiago is so returning after serving as co-costume designer ~ above both films.

It’s been a full circle momente not only weil das the cast, but viel of the crew as well. Rogers likened the experience kommen sie “the ideal high college reunion you could ever go to,” which Santiago concurred.

“It’s not nur a reunion with ns characters, but a reunion with particular items that came out von storage — jene that room really lovely that have obviously oase been missed,” Rogers called bei a phone call interview.

"And nur Like That..." adheres to Miranda, Carrie und Charlotte together they navigate life bei their 50s.HBO MAX

Storage, von course, advert to sarah Jessica’s Parker renowned archive, i beg your pardon consists von almost every single outfit from her character Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe. Santiago explained that wie they to be planning looks for the show, castle used herstellung collection to pull a few special piece for fan of die original series, which verlief from 1998 to 2004. Intuitively knowing their image and how they had chosen outfits zum them years prior, the costume team was able zu approach each character’s look with a more modern lens.

“Then we also — together Pat and Molly had actually done on ns TV zeigen — included vintage, which we all love,” Santiago said. This connected prepping bei Florida before heading to new York zum the show, shopping zum pieces that would certainly suit each character from your favorite vintage dealers.

For Rogers and Santiago, inspiration would strike at different zeit during ns outfit creation process. Rogers claimed that it could kommen sie everywhere from a certain piece to a details concept, moments from the script, or simply learning each character deswegen well.

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“It happens organically, because we weren"t unfamiliar with ns show; us weren"t new costume developers that were coming bei and never ever seeing any des this,” she said. “Actually, we usually had bought it the zuerst time around, deshalb it was easy zum us kommen sie go to our storage bank und go, ‘Oh, let"s reintroduce the bag the everybody loved.’”

Choosing die costumes for "And just Like That..." was "a cooperation process" weil das the show's stars and designers.HBO MAX

Because this isn’t their zuerst time at ns rodeo with viel of the “Sex und the City” cast, putting together the wardrobe for “And just Like That…” ended up being a collaborative process. Rogers stated Parker, Nixon, und Davis all have their moments when ns fittings end up being a share effort. Parker especially was a voice the they relied on heavily during ns process, though all three women offered great input. Though, as Rogers shared, Davis had a funny way des expressing herstellung feelings about certain looks.

“Kristin möchte squeal wie man she look at something she likes. Or she"ll say kommen sie Danny, ‘Where do freundin think I"m gonna wear that?’” Rogers said.

Though one could assume both costume designers felt pressure kommen sie continue the legacy des a zeigen known zum its iconic mode moments, Roger said that she and Santiago didn"t apply that pressure kommen sie themselves punkt the ende of die day.


“I think if Danny und I had let that overbearing vibe take it control of us, us would oase frozen up,” Rogers said. “We nur kind of lived in our own wenig bubble through S.J. (Parker) especially, and the various other girls und new characters.”

Rather than succumb zu pressure, lock decided zu let loosened instead. Ns duo started über creating a fitting room that promoted a creative, free environment; Rogers said everyone "gagged" (in a good way!) when they walked bei and experienced it weil das the fist time. She described the environment of the room, explaining, “We felt kind of defended here from die microscope."

“We yes, really tried zu keep true to what we felt was right and what we felt that die girls to be going to enjoy, and use our favorite piece that we had," Santiago added. “That was really what we pertained to ourselves with, notfall really what various other people"s thoughts were. We maintained it zu what we were doing und trying to make the as an imaginative as we can without gift influenced über anyone else.”

Though both costume designers oase multiple favorite looks from the neu series, they were able kommen sie agree top top one des their most beloved aussehen that Parker wears an one des the episodes. Die look, which was showcased on the show’s official instagram account zum its costumes, zu sein a colorful madras published ensemble, which has a vintage Norma Kamali jacket.

“I assumed that was a yes, really adult Carrie look, because it was colorful, it fit her fierce, and she nur looked choose a cosmopolitan woman in it,” Rogers said of the look.

Despite Parker loving ns outfit bei the end, Rogers stated that when she zuerst saw the look, ns actor said, “You’re never gaining me an that.” After 2 fittings, however, Parker changed produziert tune wie she spotted it again on ns rack. Ultimately, anyone agreed on ns look und decided kommen sie go zum the brutal ensemble weil das that scene.

Rogers so hinted that part of her favorite aussehen didn’t make ns cut for the zeigen because there weren’t any appropriate scenes, explaining, “A lot of those are hanging on ns rack blieb awaiting their opportunity, if it ever comes.”

In ns meantime, Rogers has actually a small clue around the new series zum long-time “Sex and the City” fans, consisting of some Easter eggs kommen sie keep your eyes peeled for. “We purposely collection some things, favor traps, in the closet scenes,” she revealed. “I don"t recognize if the drawer was pulled out in the scene and you see what we laid an there, but we to adjust some fuchs traps…for those that space really payment attention. And let’s confront it, these fan do.”

Santiago revels bei the cleverness of viewers, explaining, “They kann pull out so many details from these scenes and they"ll recognize what episode it’s from, they"ll know die whole storyline behind it. So it"s going zu be fun to see what people can pick out and see native what’s in the closet.”

The first two episodes des "And nur Like That..." fight HBO max Dec. 9. New episodes wollen premiere each Thursday following the premiere.

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