Sex and the city sex szenen

In the late ’90s, a little show dubbed Sex und the City debuted allowing Carrie Bradshaw and her three finest pals to become voices zum single women everywhere. Ns series initially premiered ~ above HBO but after the show concluded, it was given new life on various other cable networks and therefore Sarah jessica Parker und her castmates gained a whole new legion des fans. Fast-forward an ext than two decades later und the franchise followed up ns iconic collection with 2 movies and in upcoming reboot titled And nur Like That.

One des the reasons Sex und the city had together a faithful following is because it pushed boundaries. But as Cynthia Nixon explained, there was a step that actually went auch far und had zu be cut.

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(L-R): Kristin Davis, kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Sarah jessica Parker on die set von ‘Sex und the City’ | getty Images / Handout, big Pictures

Who Cynthia Nixon played in ‘Sex und the City’

Nixon played the role des Miranda Hobbes on ns hit show. Herstellung character was a feisty, fiery, lawyer who had a pessimistic outlook top top men and romantic relationships in general. She did end up finding love with bartender steve Brady. They eventually settled down and had a child together but prior to Steve, Miranda was swimming bei a complicated und sometimes miserable date pool.

That required a few uncomfortable und intimate scene with other actors, and after filming one of those scene showrunners chose it was a bit much to stomach.

The scene Nixon says went auch far and never aired

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Nixon revealed which step that was several years back when she was a guest ~ above Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

After Carrie gott robbed an the episode “Anchor’s Away,” Miranda met Detective Stevens (Timothy Gibbs). Ns two went the end on a date und Miranda became so intimidated von his aussehen that she gets nervous and had too much to drink. Nixon explained that die script called weil das her to vomit all over ns detective while their personalities were having sex. She talked about how they supplied projectile through beef stew chunks und said she appreciated filming it. Bei the ende though it was decided that die scene was a little too graphic and it was left on the cutting room floor.

So if viewers didn’t see that play out on screen, lock did know that something bad went down that night due to the fact that Miranda woke trost with a hangover die next morning to find the Detective Stevens wasn’t there. The only point he left behind was a number to herstellung local AA chapter.

Nixon said another scene ‘devastated’ her

Another scene in particular “devastated” Nixon. That wasn’t in episode von the show though, it was in Sex and the City: the Movie wie man Mr. Huge (Chris Noth) developed Carrie that enormous wardrobe closet. Nixon remembers hearing the audience clapping throughout that step at ns movie’s premiere bei London.

“I was a little devastated von that. That seemed kommen sie me that the nur was deswegen much around female empowerment und about frau making their very own choices und women standing up weil das what they wanted und supporting themselves,” she claimed on The Wendy Williams Show (per Metro). “So, kommen sie me, to schutz this it is in a climax des the film, the your an extremely wealthy husband built freundin a really nice closet weil das your clothes, i thought, ‘Wow, that’s notfall really what you love about ns show, is it? since that’s not what we were making the for."” Nixon then available praise around something rather the zeigen was known for saying: “We liebe the clothes! I’m notfall saying us don’t liebe the clothes.”

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