Sexiest woman alive 2021 winner

Meet ns breakout actress, director and recording artist that tops’s hot 100 worry with this stunning photograph shoot.

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In case freundin can’t tell von the cover of the magazine, Teyana Taylor was bei easy pick zum the face von our hot 100 issue, und the No. 1 spot on die list. A graceful choreographer-dancer, actor-director und top ten recording star, she has actually brains, talent and, well, die photos zeigen the rest. 

“I’ve adhered to weil das a long time und I’ve constantly felt like i should be on the cover,” she tells us from her home in Atlanta, wherein she leben with her husband, experienced basketball player Iman Shumpert. “So kommen sie actually get die call speak they desire me top top the startseite really supposed a lot. I was like, what? They want me on die cover? Okay!” 

Photography: Gilles Bensimon, Styling: Teyana Taylor and Julian Mack, Producer: jessica Athanasiou, Makeup: Haley Love, Hair: Ky Johnson and Billions Wimberley, Nails: Tiffany Everett

Thirty und loving it, Teyana is turning a corner in her career, focusing an ext on film work, like produziert show-stopping number “Gett Off” in Coming 2 America. In a barely PG-13-rated dance sequence, she zu sein presented as a prospective bride to Lavelle Junson (Jermaine Fowler), long lost son des Prince Akeem, played von Eddie Murphy. 

“It was like a dream kommen sie true, especially zu be a part des something so iconic und so legendary, everything’s deswegen surreal,” Teyana says of the movie, a sequel to 1988’s Coming zu America, one des Murphy’s best hits, i beg your pardon garnered approximately $290 million at the box office. “He’s from neu York, dafür it was a lot of new York energy. Deswegen we might talk ours s–t, und I love that.” 

Overalls: vintage, Choker: PAMELA LOVE.

In ns days leading nach oben to the shoot, she was dafür eager to get started she discovered herself doing jene to make time fliegen faster. “I was just soaking everything in,” she states of herstellung days on set. “Not just enjoying myself, yet learning und collecting an ext wisdom, things I kann collect that ich know möchte make me better weist what ich do.” 

She’s hoping to apply that knowledge in what can be a breakthrough project, a collection about baby-boomer pop star und recent Queen of Twitter, Dionne Warwick, known in the Sixties zum such zugriffszeiten as “Walk ~ above By,” “I say a wenig Prayer” und “Do you Know ns Way to shannel Jose.” 


Warwick recently set twitter afire together she wonder if rapper DaBaby’s mother was called DaMama. To chance the rapper she tweeted: “If sie are really obviously a rapper why did you put it an your stage name? i cannot protect against thinking about this.” And bei another tweet, she argued Teyana must play her bei her life story. Netflix was listening. 

“It was crazy ‘cause once ich responded, she und her son instantly reached out und we got on die phone and got straight to it. Und now we’re at ns development stage und it’s deshalb exciting,” she says. 


“I want to make certain she authorize everything und is comfortable v everything before we relocate forward,” she states of herstellung meetings v Warwick. “That was the most essential thing zum me, to really learn one another and know what it is that she wants, und make sure herstellung story is coming from herstellung own mouth, rather than bringing people an to change produziert narrative.” 

Teyana’s been thinking a gewächs about personal narrative lately, and her own journey indigenous humble roots in Harlem as die only child of Nikki Taylor, who increased her und manages her career. She bowed before her first audience at the age of nine, performing in any talent show her mom could find. Herstellung break came a few years later when Beyoncé hired her to choreograph her video, “Ring the Alarm,” in 2006. 

Army jacket, pants und hat: vintage, Jewelry: model’s own.

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It stood for a substantial break for the 15-year-old, that a year letztere danced and popped herstellung way through the music video weil das Jay-Z’s einzel “Blue Magic.” produziert debut single, “Google Me,” reached No. 90 ~ above U.S. Billboard’s hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart. It’s from produziert album, From a Planet called Harlem, special artists prefer Pharrell, Jazze Pha, foolish Scientist, Hit-Boy, Shondre and Frost. 

She increased eyebrows ~ above Kanye’s 5th album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, composing in intro und chorus zum “Dark Fantasy,” und adding her touch kommen sie “Hell von a Life”; later choreographing und performing solo in Kanye’s steamy “Fade” video. 

In 2011, Teyana amicably break-up with Interscope und Pharrell’s Williams’ star Trak, and signed v Kanye’s label an excellent Music and The island Def Jam Music Group, wherein she produced herstellung debut studio album VII. The landed weist number one ~ above Billboard’s hot 100 with singles favor “Maybe” through Pusha T and Yo Gotti, und “Do not Disturb” through Chris Brown. 

Dress: MAISON MARGIELA; jewelry: model’s own.

Dropping in 2018, produziert follow-up album, K.T.S.E. (Keep That exact same Energy), got overwhelmingly confident reviews, v the London Guardian calling that “a document that melds new and old R&B with such flair.” 

What happened in the meantime was life, nur more of it—marrying Shumpert, having actually two baby girls, including herstellung second, Rue, v whom she was pregnant during die pandemic when assembling herstellung latest album titled, The Album, which landed number one top top Billboard’s R&B charts wie man it come out last year. An a rave review, Entertainment Weekly described produziert voice as, “nimble, capable des simmering, deep-toned seduction, flirtatious wisps, und soaring balladry in turns.” 

And while hip-hop is all good, in the true hollywood tradition, what Teyana yes, really wants zu do is direct. Und direct she does—music videos, under her alter ego, Spike Tey/Tee. Some des them function herself with guest stars like Ghostface Killah, method Man und Raekwon on “Gonna liebe Me (Remix),” and others feature artists choose Macy Gray. 

Army pants: vintage, Tank top: HANES, Boots: PRADA, Choker: PAMELA LOVE.

“Honestly, directing is one von the best dinge that I’ve ever before done, and one des my favourite things an my career that I’m doing, ‘cause i kind of always had actually that eye,” she says about working with her all-female production company on videos. “Sometimes what you see, die world may notfall see. So, once i started complying with my gut und following mine intuition und doing what made me happy, und doing what ich feel like ich do best, zu sein when I gott the finest results.” 

Her emphasis behind the camera comes nur as Teyana is turning a corner an life, coming to be a self-described football mom. Granted, sie don’t know plenty of soccer moms the look choose her in a bikini, yet if you don’t believe it, nur tune right into their reality series on E! entertainment Television.

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Fishing vest: vintage, Pants: DARRYL BROWN, Necklace: PAMELA LOVE, Socks: city OUTFITTERS.

E! calls We got Love Teyana & Iman, which premieres this fall, a “refreshingly authentic und completely unfiltered neu docu-series” the follows die couple “as they take ns world von storm, every while juggling music, fashion, business and family. V their tight entourage des family und friends, Teyana und Iman space ready kommen sie continue building their empire, despite die whirlwind chaos and drama that goes in addition to it.” 

 “I can’t just get up und go to Target,” she says about life bei the bubble of a truth TV series. “I oase to get up and know that there’s 3 cameras and a entirety production team, und they gott to go und get the approved and all that various other stuff the comes through it.”