Sexy füße in high heels

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Du schaust: Sexy füße in high heels

since 1996

Size: native 34 à46 (EU)black "high-class" actual leather pumps- peeptoes - v 0.5 cm micro-plateau

Size: indigenous 32/33to45/46 (EU)blue metallic "high-class" patent leatherpumps - peep-toe - with spanned heel

Size:from 36to41(EU)trendy leathery boots - black & grey / reptiledesign with large, stylish patent-buckle

Size: indigenous 33to 46 (EU)black too much Patent-Leather Sandalswith lacquered Empire-Heel & 0,5 centimeter Micro-Plateau

Size: native 35to 46 (EU)pink-fuxia Python-Style (leatherette) Sandalswith lacquered realm extreme high-heels

Size: native 32/33 to 45/46 (EU)black "high-class" patent leather pumpswith lacquered heels/ "blue sole" Style

Size: from 34to 46 (EU)royal-blue genuine leather + black patent leatherextreme-mules with lacquered empire high-heels

Size:only37 + 38 + 39(EU)black leatherettesandals with gold chain lacingand a "new" square designer high heels

Size: indigenous 33 kommen sie 46 (EU)red "high-class" calfskinpumps withleather extended heels - timelessly elegant

Size: indigenous 33 zu 46 (EU)black "high-class" calfskinpumps v leathercovered high heels - timelessly elegant

Size: from 35to 47(EU)black "high class" patent animal leather extreme-mules with lacquered realm high-heels

Size: native 33 zu 46 (EU)red "high class" genuine-leather muleswith covered high heels and micro-plateau

Size: indigenous 34to 46 (EU)"Tiffany" multicolour leatherSling -Sandalswith blackpainted empire-high-heels

Fuss - Made an Italy

All the exclusive high-heels von our very own collection – shoes von Fuss – sexy shoes - made bei Italy

High-Heels PUMPS

A classic among ns sexy shoes, the high heel PUMPS with the real heel of a real high-heels!

High-Heels BOOTS

Whether ankle, knee high or overknees – through these her legs are in the focus von attention.

High-Heels SANDALS

They are exciting and sexy. early to die positioning of the straps they appear an a very elegant way.

High Heels PLATEAU

The special appearance transforms every PLATEAU heels in bei object des desire - sexy platforms!

High-Heels MULES

Sexy backless high heels mules an many variations nur a last of her foot and attract attention.

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Accessories zum High-Heels

Little aids for shoe & boots, which are indispensable zum shoe care and comfort.

FUSS - pole high heels

extreme High Heels ( talons hauts ) - sie sind "turmhoch" hot & sexy und erlauben Männer- und Frauenherzen großer schlagen.

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FUSS - High Heels

High Heels ( talons hauts ) - von Fuss-Schuhe - sie sind warm & sexy und lassen Männer- und Frauenherzen größer schlagen.

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