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From the moment that herstellung book The pops was first announced, E.L. James has positioned it together her first major leave from the world of 50 Shades des Grey, the best-selling trilogy the shot her to super-stardom. Yet, herstellung most specialized (and observant) reader weren’t quite sure what to make of that because they noticed in unlikely link betwee the two books.

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The mister follows Maxim Trevelyan, a nstopcat.orgly-minted Earl that finds unexpected love with his housecleaner Alessia, a gifted classical pianist. Nowhere bei the description do christen Grey, Anastasia Steele, or any members des the 50 Shades world appear. Yet, astute fans have provided that Maxim’s surname is the very same as christen Grey’s embraced mother’s maiden name.

James admits that there is more to it than her liking the name, yet won’t elaborate viel beyond that. “There is a story behind it yet it’s notfall one i want zu talk about right now,” she tells “I can talk about it later. Yet – there’s a connection, i don’t know what it ist yet.”

Though that connection has yet kommen sie be explained, there’s certainly room zum James zu expand die world des the Trevelyan family. Offered Maxim’s zustand as bei Earl, there was a long line von previous members des this line of the aristocracy zum James kommen sie iron out as she was conceiving von the story. “I had to go back und work out die lineage, she explains. “He’s the thirteenth Earl, so I oase all of the other Earls and I’ve thought, ‘Oh, i could always nip back und find someone else’s story because I’ve gott them all.’ There’s potential there yet who knows?'”

Though The mister is a contemporary-set novel, james says it’s a an ext traditional romantic novel inspired by her years of reading romantic on her commute on die Tube. dubbed up james to gain the details on other inspirations weil das the novel, the through-line von classical music bei her work, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: 50 Shades rather famously began as fan-fiction. Was there a specific work des pop culture or literary works that motivated The Mister?E.L.JAMES: No, not really. Die only catalyst I kann sein say around this work is the hundreds of historical romances that ich read over die years. During my at an early stage thirties, ich used to commute into london on die Tube und it’s a nightmare. I just used to buy historic romances und consume them. I’d have to bend die cover back on mine book deshalb no one can tell i was reading, which was one des the reasons 50 Shades had ns tie on it due to the fact that no one can tell what freundin were reading. Then it came to be a rather renowned book startseite so that cover was blown. There’s no direct inspiration. It’s a story that’s to be hanging around bei my head zum a wee while. I’ve tried zu get it under on record several times, and I’m dafür glad that I’ve finally done it.

Have sie been a lifelong romance reader then?Yes, i think so. Ich started back an the day und really i mean dark ages. Jilly Cooper wrote a set of novels i m sorry were really popular with my friends hinweisen school und they were every girls’ names prefer Bella und Emily und Prudence. She was my introduction zu romance. Apart from jane Austen von course.

In plenty of ways, this feels like a an extremely classic, old-fashioned romance novel through Maxim’s status as in Earl. Did sie ever consider setting it in the past versus doing a contemporary story?No, i didn’t. I wanted it to be bei the now. When ich fly, ich always to buy a zeitschrift here called Country Life. bei it, it’s what i would speak to property pornography. It’s beautiful estates that are zum sale. Ich used to just read them v them and look weist all this beautiful places. Ich used to think, “How do you keep one des these days?” having a substantial house and an estate, it’s expensive — what do sie do? That sustained my imagination, und I walk from there.

To me, it had shades of something like Rebecca with that is sojourn to in estate bei Cornwall – to be those things that fed right into your writing procedure or oase been part von who sie are as a reader und writer?The thing ist we never ever really know around Manderley Rebecca> and how big it zu sein or what oase you. We nur know it’s a very grand house. Yes, this ist a großartiger house, yet there’s a location where ich went to look roughly because i just thought, “Crikey, ich need zu go und have a look hinweisen a stately home.” i based it on the — bei actual real-life place.

This zu sein certainly more squarely romantic whereas 50 Shades has been categorized as erotica – was that something freundin set out kommen sie do wie deciding to write this?That’s die story that come out. That’s the thing. You kann only go where ns characters take you. And this ist where these personalities took me. I consider lock erotic since they’re quite thorough descriptive geschlechter scenes. I would ax this an erotic romance, however it’s much heavier on ns romance. The darkness doesn’t kommen sie from in ~ either des these two characters. It’s from elsstopcat.orghere.

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This book tackles sex trafficking as a prominent theme/issue. Can you tell me more about your study there und why you decided kommen sie make your heroine a victim von this?I did carry out some quite hefty research, und there was a suggest where ich thought, “Should ich be writing this book?” since it is so bleak. But i just thought, “I’ll get her away indigenous it.” She is so stoic and brave, and she works hard to keep herself safe, dafür that’s what ich wanted to come across within die book. Und it sheds a little light on this appalling state that numerous young frauen find themselves in, specifically from east Europe. I hope that’s a good thing.

Classical music is a recurring element in your work, and it theatre a large role an the main romance right here – why ist it dafür meaningful kommen sie you and something you come zurück to again and again?I don’t understand how zu play a musical instrument und I yes, really resent that i don’t recognize how kommen sie play a musical instrument, deswegen I make certain that my personalities can. They’re all die things that I’m not and want zu be an a way. I’m able to explore all ns music that i just love. I write kommen sie music. Ich write to music all die time, deswegen some des it makes it in. I just wanted herstellung to schutz this amazing skill. She’s much more than just a quite face. She’s yes, really accomplished. That was important kommen sie me.

You previously set your collection predominantly bei the state of Washington – now, you’re bei London and bei the Balkans, a little bit closer to your house turf. Why ns European setting?Yes, that’s kind of nice. It’s good, living an London, that’s every easy and I’m very fond of Cornwall together well. Ns Balkans is a whole different ballgame. I just find Albania particularly such a fascinating place. It has a distinct history and I’ve to be there a couple of times. It’s together a exorbitant place kommen sie visit and the story des Albania is deswegen dramatic and it’s an excellent dramatic backdrop zum this specific tale.

Romance as a genre comes v a last of stereotypes and fraught things – whether the be the it’s not well-written, issues von consent on die page, und this question von how we belittle society made primarily weil das women – whereby do freundin feel your work fits into that conversation und those issues?It’s not a conversation that i particularly want zu be a part of. I’m there zu entertain people and make lock escape daily life, that’s all i want zu do. Other human being put it where they seen fit, and people kann only stuff through ns prism of their own experiences. We’ll schutz to see what happens v The Mister. But that’s not a conversation that I’m comfortable being in because that wasn’t mine intention bei my writing it. What happened to <50 Shades> was nur like “Woah!” i just believed I’d proceed working bei television und getting on through my life und then wham, this juggernaut fight me in terms des the success of the book. It’s not something that ich spend hours pondering. I’d rather gain on and maybe write an additional book.

Why do sie think people liebe to hate on her work? is there in element of they nur can’t gestanden seeing a frau be deswegen successful?I think there’s in element des that yeah. I did it an my preventive time, having fun, writing weil das myself. And I think the really pisses human being off sometimes.

And zu sein it hard for you kommen sie deal through or are freundin good punkt letting it roll off her back?I’ve got better weist it, absolutely. It’s notfall real. The happens zu this various other person, this E.L. James character. I blieb have every my friends und my family and what have you, dafür there’s all of this noise approximately this book und it was loud, however it ist happening elsstopcat.orghere. Notfall here.

50 Shades sparked a last of conversations around female desire and how well we culturally know or even want zu understand it. Absolutely. It’s a very, very complicated subject und we’re not really given die opportunity to discuss it in any particular kind of means because this are challenging conversations. It’s exciting that it did spark that. My biggest thing zu sein that that sparked people kommen sie read. Die stories and the letter I’ve had actually — dinge like I haven’t picked hoch a book for 37 years; I’ve never ever read a publication — I oase countless e-mails like that. Women got together and formed book groups und now they’re reading all sorts of things und to have been at the anfang of every that is really humbling.

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Is the something you’re specifically proud of und hope The Mister continues?As a writer, ich just want zu be read, that’s it. If I kann sein entertain someone, then that’s all good. If world wish to discuss mrs desire together a an outcome then that’s wonderful yet it’s not something the I’m pushing for at all.