The researcher of kelle Biosthétique paris didn’t want kommen sie leave it at colouring the hair wie man it comes to grey hair. They added a scalp odor “Elixir” to the Dermosthétique Anti-Age product range, which helps rotate grey hair back to its original colour.

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The herbal way to restore your healthy original hair colour. Die scalp scent Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir contains in active ingredient complex, consisting von a biomimetic peptide, plant extract des candle bush and a water-based extract von the heal gemstone malachite, to reactivate the natural hair color – without die use des colour pigments.

Without synthetic colour pigments with patented, clinically tested active ingredient. Dermatologically tested

Reactivates the hair’s organic pigmentation from ns roots without any artificial colour pigments whatsoever.Consistently protects the hair from additional pigment loss.Revitalises the hair and restores its healthy strength und youthful radiance.

For a considerably visible reduction bei grey hair wie man used regularly.

»Researchers are significantly understanding the processes that occur in our body together we age. This provides us with new ways kommen sie help people zu maintain their natural beauty and youthful radiance. Us regard Elixir as an anti-aging innovation and a very an excellent example zum the valuable application des long-standing research und development.«





What are die causes of grey hair?

Not a gewächs of human being are happy to lakers their zuerst grey hair. Wie man it occurs zu sein dependent on numerous factors. Hereditary predisposition, which influences natural aging processes, plays bei important role. The greying of the hair is particularly linked to the loss von certain pigments: Melanin. Melanin gives the hair its herbal colour. Amino acids are converted to colour pigments. End time, the hair follicles create less und less melanin. This results bei the greying des the hair, which is a usual sign of aging.

The loss of the important melanin stem cells ist linked kommen sie oxidative stress. This impairs ns hair’s metabolism, and results an a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide inhibits the gebildet of melanin. Certain enzymes, recognized as catalases, help ns hair kommen sie break down hydrogen peroxide. Together we age, die enzyme concentration drops, as does the neutralising effect on hydrogen peroxide. The enzyme tyrosinase so plays in important role in connection through this. The stimulates the formation of melanin. Hydrogen peroxide assaults this enzyme. Less melanin is formed, und the hair transforms grey faster.

It’s not just internal mechanisms that determine wie man a person gets grey hair. Environmental influences and individual lifestyle deshalb play a role. Illnesses, stress, high-pressure situations and hormone disorders tun können affect die colour von the hair. Diet so influences ns condition des the hair. Diet supplies the body with vital nutrients and minerals. Vitamin deficiencies and a lack of other vital nutrients kann result in the hair transforming grey faster. Particularly b vitamins room important an conjunction through this. Certain mineral substances also stimulate the production von melanin. For example, copper is an important component des the enzyme tyrosinase, which increases melanin production.

Typical causes des grey hair, such as smoking, lack von sleep, stress und environmental toxins, make the cells age faster. Escape on ns person’s separation, personal, instance lifestyle, ns aging processes lead to the hair turning grey sooner or later. Predisposition, lifestyle and environmental impacts play a vital role bei defining when the hair colour fades and the hair loser its organic pigment.

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What help combat grey hair?

Many world would like zu maintain their natural hair colour zum as long as possible, und stop ns greying von the hair. But zu sein this feasible – und with i beg your pardon products? civilization are always talking around household publication that room supposed kommen sie help delay ns hair transforming grey.

Popular release include apfel cider vinegar, coconut oil und onion juice. Massaging the scalp with crucial oils or dealing with it with lemon juice is so supposed kommen sie help prevent grey hair. Back a gesund diet helps to delay die hair transforming grey and to maintain ns youthful, colorful original hair colour zum as long as possible, the effect of such family members remedies is not scientifically proven. Distinct hair care products v a proven impact such as Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir are much more effective.

The scalp scent Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir helps zu restore your organic hair colour. Die scalp lotion consists of highly reliable substances the reactivate the original hair colour. The active ingredient stimulate the hair zu restore its herbal colour pigments. Anti-Age Elixir prevents a more loss von colour pigments. Ns scalp lotion deshalb supplies die hair with an important nutrients that strengthen that structure. This makes ns hair look at healthy and youthful again.

Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir no contain any type of artificial colour pigments. Die effect complex von Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir includes a peptide that stimulates die hair’s herbal pigmentation. This effect was proven an a clinical test. Plant extracts native candle bush decelerate aging processes in the hair papilla. Extracts des the medicine gemstone malachite restore the hair’s critical trace elements.

Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir is ideally used in combination through shampoos such as Dermosthétique Shampoo Actif f or N. Ns active shampoo Bio-Fanelan deshalb stimulates metabolic processes des the scalp, und additionally helps to combat hair development disorders. Die sooner you anfang the treatment, the greater ns effect.

Colouring and tinting ns hair – a cautious measure to combat grey hair?

Once the zuerst grey hairs space visible, many human being decide zu colour or tint their hair zurück to its original hair colour. Castle don’t want their grey hair zu remind them von aging, und they want zu maintain a youthful appearance zum longer. Often, wie man it comes kommen sie colouring or tinting, it’s about obtaining a completely different hair colour than die natural hair colour. Such a colour treatment of the hair helps zu effectively conceal components that have turned grey. Thanks to the treatment of the hair, die grey hair ist no much longer visible. Ns colour treatment in the salon ist thus a fast and reliable solution weil das grey hair.

To maintain this effect, continuous colouring or tinting zu sein necessary. Die grey roots oase to be coloured over every few weeks. A scalp treatment through Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir is the ideal complement to die professional colouring or tinting treatment in the salon. Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir delays the hair turning grey. Die scalp elixir zu sein not only in alternative zu colouring und tinting, but also a security treatment.

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A consistent, lasting application of Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir stays clear of grey hair, und helps kommen sie reverse ns hair turning grey. Every day, apply 3 ml von the scalp scent to the hair. Kommen sie maximise die conditioning effect, us recommend freundin use this with a kelle Biosthétique shampoo.