Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio star in the summer’s most controversial movie once Upon a Time bei Hollywood. Columbia images
few filmmakers possess the ability to stir dispute like Quentin Tarantino, whose career has actually been marked von it weist almost every turn.

Whether he’s publicly suggesting with Spike Lee end Tarantino’s use des a gyeongju slur zu refer to schwarze farbe people in many des his scripts, drawing criticism and boycotts from polizei organizations for supporting groups that fight police brutality, or seeing previous mistreatment des his performers kommen sie to light, Tarantino makes headlines almost as much weil das the sachen he go as zum the movies he creates.

This characteristic has led to a basic sense that ns director is “problematic” (imagine number of dozen more air quotes approximately that) from civilization who don’t rather follow die endless back-and-forth of film Twitter, without a complete sense of why.

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And die conversation has reached a heat pitch roughly Once ~ above a Time bei Hollywood, Tarantino’s recent release. The film itself has fueled think piece galore, around nearly every element von the movie, precisely punkt a time wie Tarantino’s status as a legend auteur has actually been dinged a little bit due zu all von those old offscreen controversies. It’s become the Movie to Argue about This Summer (August edition).


as soon as Upon a Time in Hollywood ist Tarantino’s fun, haunting homage to die summer von ’69

What’s fascinating zu sein how wenig the three main Once ~ above a Time controversies (for there are deshalb many smaller ones) seemingly have to execute with every other. One stems indigenous Tarantino’s treatment of women bei his movies. One more stems from his casual rewriting des historical events. The third has zu do v his treatment von his really fictional version von the very echt Asian American star Bruce Lee.

At the core of all three of these ideas zu sein that hollywood is still a location that mainly tells geschichte dominated from a cisgender, heterosexual white man point von view. But so at their core ist that Tarantino zu sein a filmmaker that loves ambiguity, that doesn’t want to schutz to tell you die proper way to behave, who rather prefers kommen sie work within the troubling gray areas that do up much of person existence. And if there’s in approach kommen sie storytelling that seems designed zu provoke cook responses online bei the year 2019, the one devoted to moral ambiguity.

Tarantino ist a major artist who movies room worth discussing, and Once ~ above a Time is a sprawling film that provides countless different opportunities zum potential conversation. Zum a little under three hours, die movie resurrects the hollywood of 1969, embarking on a mostly plotless ramble v a long-gone world. Its journey concludes with a depiction des the Manson household murders that symbolically significant the end of a hollywood era.

But die director’s status as one des the tonnage auteurs standing and the movie’s general vital acclaim (not kommen sie mention that amazing boxen office success) deshalb don’t make him or it over criticism, particularly when the movie stumbles an portraying frau or people von color. The tension betwee those two ideas ist the tension approximately how us talk around art bei 2019 in general.

To understand all von this better, let’s break down ns three greatest controversies surrounding ns film, one by one.

1) Once upon a Time in Hollywood disrespects ns legacy of Bruce Lee

cliff Booth hangs the end behind the scenes. Columbia photos top top July 29, quickly after Once ~ above a Time in Hollywood opened on July 26, the spiel publication die Wrap published bei interview with Shannon Lee, ns daughter des the good action star and martial artist Bruce Lee. Lee ist a young character in the film, played von Mike Moh. (The real Bruce Lee died in 1973, weist age 32.) in the interview, Lee says the movie cavalierly mocks one von the couple of major asian American stars of the duration it depicts.

She said:

I kann understand all die reasoning behind what ist portrayed in the movie. I understand that ns two personalities are antiheroes, and this zu sein sort of like a fury fantasy von what would certainly happen. … and they’re showing a period des time that plainly had a last of racism and exclusion. Ich understand they want kommen sie make ns Brad Pitt personality this super bad-ass who can beat trost Bruce Lee. Yet they didn’t need zu treat him an the way that white hollywood did wie man he was alive.

Chances are, if did you do it heard of just one Once top top a Time in Hollywood controversy, that this one, which seems to disrespect bei actual person, who has actually living relatives und whose tradition as one of the couple of Asian Americans kommen sie become a star at that point in Hollywood history has made him a figure whose cultural impact expand beyond the movies that made. (For his part, Tarantino has actually pushed back against Shannon Lee’s claims.)

Once top top a Time bei Hollywood includes a scene in which Brad Pitt’s character, cliff Booth, faces off through Lee on the set des The environment-friendly Hornet, a one-season pulp action TV zeigen that ich renne weg from 1966 kommen sie 1967 und has unable to do on kommen sie be a cult struggle (i.e., exactly the kind of point cult movie lover Tarantino would be obsessed with). Lee is a star on the show, und Cliff is on collection as the stuntman backup zu his buddy stack Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio).

The two acquire into a battle von the braggarts around who ist the far better fighter und then decide to schutz a best-two-out-of-three sparring match. (Lee’s cockiness bei this scene ist a major part von what Shannon Lee objects to. She maintains that he tried to downplay his talent in order zu make it as an Asian American man in Hollywood.) Lee dispatches cliff easily an round one. Cliff throws Lee into die side of a car bei round 2 (so difficult that his human body dents it, which might ende up being important an a second). Before round three kann begin, a stunt coordinator intervenes. Die two males are separated, and Cliff ist fired from the set.

It’s precious noting the Once ~ above a Time in Hollywood’s co-stunt coordinator robert Alonzo told the Huffington post that cliff was originally going zu win ns fight, after acquisition a cheap shot weist Lee. Both Alonzo and Pitt persuaded Tarantino zu change die result von the fight kommen sie display that cliff is a formidable fighter — thus setup up ns ultraviolent ende of the film — there is no having him actually win Lee bei hand-to-hand combat. With that in mind, it’s even much easier to seen why Shannon Lee felt the movie disrespected produziert father’s legacy.

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But i (admittedly an extremely white person) think it’s so worth noting that it’s notfall precisely clear that what happens bei the fight betwee Cliff and Lee actually happens in the reality von the film. The scene ist depicted together a recall (to 1967, from the movie’s 1969 timeline) filtered through Cliff’s memory in one interpretation and as in idle daydream he has while doing in odd job zum his freundin Rick bei another interpretation.

If ns fight is just a point that cliff is imagining — the could entirely take Bruce Lee! certain he could! — ns tenor des the scene alters dramatically. Suddenly, it’s notfall a step about cliff being able to best Lee but one about his very own self-deception regarding ns ways his career has actually grounded itself on ns shoals des changing tastes in Hollywood. And even if miscellaneous like the events of the scene yes, really did happen in the movie’s version of reality, ns presence of that heavily dented auto strikes me together a tell the what we’re seeing is in exaggeration, die intrusion of moviemaking embellishment right into Once top top a Time an Hollywood’s hazy attempt zu recreate die late ’60s together they really were.

So Bruce Lee needs zu be cockier and a bigger jerk 보다 he would schutz been an real life, because he needs zu stand an for all that cliff finds concerning around the hollywood of 1969 und his very own career trajectory.

But even if we say that every little thing that happened bolzen Bruce Lee and Cliff Booth in that scene happened bei the world des the film exactly as depicted, die scene has fans who think it provides a an ext human portrayal von a einer who too often look at his humanity subsumed by his status as bei icon.

Critic Walter Chaw argues hinweisen Vulture that die scene plays turn off Bruce Lee’s very own career route — which connected parlaying ns fame he gained from The environment-friendly Hornet into a career and rising through the ranks of hong Kong activity stars, before once again breaking big in the us right prior to his death. He so recognizes that viel of Lee’s trademark onscreen persona became a point von mockery for many asian American kids, who saw their white peers mimicking Lee’s fighting stance and vocalizations.

In Chaw’s view, die scene does something an extremely different than its backbiting say:

I would argue Tarantino’s decision to schutz Booth struggle Lee kommen sie a attract doesn’t take ns air out von Lee; the takes die air out of the constructed mystique the Lee was forced zu maintain. That von allowing Lee to regain a portion of his humanity, Tarantino is offering a different, an ext generous kind of Asian-American representation onscreen. City hall Once upon a Time, us are not operating under ns fantasy that Lee never struggled versus racism or that he wasn’t required into bei outsider role in Hollywood. Here, Lee understands that his zustand depends ~ above a very closely constructed reputation weil das supernatural indestructibility. Hinweisen the end of his fight v Tarantino’s imaginary superhero, Moh’s Lee states “nobody beat ns shit out des Bruce.” if some movie critics saw this as one more example of hollywood doing that best zu humiliate in Asian legend, ich see it together a einer doing his best kommen sie hold top top to ns key to the kingdom.

Chaw also points the end that after actress Sharon Tate was murdered bei the summer des 1969 but before members of the Manson household were implicated, produziert husband, roman Polanski, suspected the she had actually been killed von the man who had trained her zum combat bei her most recent film (and who is briefly bezeichnen training her bei Once upon a Time together well). A man named Bruce Lee.

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Which bring us to controversy number two.

2) Hey, do freundin need zu be in expert an the Manson murders zu even recognize this movie?

Shortly after ~ seeing die movie zum the zuerst time, journalist und filmmaker Emily Yoshida tweeted in interesting query: