Shimano Deore Xt Dyna-Sys11 Shadow Plus M8000

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The XT behind derailleur RD-M8000 von Shimano - easier zu useThe Shimano XT RD-M8000 behind derailleur functions a zero Plus mechanism that allows you kommen sie switch between maximum chain stability and minimum operating forces. Ns extremely short profile und shallow angle of attack are deshalb beneficial zum safety on difficult, narrow trails. Bei addition, die RD-M8000 zu sein better weist handling a slanted chain 보다 its predecessors und has larger derailleur pulley teeth zum even smoother moving performance. In the Dyna-Sys11 system, it thus performs its service efficiently and consistently. Both cages von the rear derailleur are made von lightweight aluminium. An the shorter version (GS) it ist compatible v 1x11 and 2x11 systems and cassettes up zu 46 and 42 teeth respectively. In the lang version (SGS) the can so be used weil das 3x11 drivetrains with in 11-40 cassette.

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Series: Deore XT M8000Application: cross Country, all MountainGearing: 11-speedMount: conventional (Direct mountain compatible)Capacity: 39 tooth (short), 47 this (long)Compatibility: Shimano MTB 11-speedCompatibility - Chains: HG-X11Technical Information:Derailleur Pulleys: 11 toothOuter Cage Material: aluminiumInner Cage Material: aluminiumOther Materials: stainless steel, aluminium, composite (GFRP), steelFeatures:- " driver tuned" weil das precise, smooth shifting- easy moving with 20 % much less effort- Shadow entwurf with optimised angle of attack- improved chain stability- effective shifting and frictionless drivetrain- efficient construction of the derailleur pulley-block teeth- painted cage plates- 4 joint bushings, fluorine-coated- derailleur pulley-block bearings sealedTechnology:Dyna-Sys11The ja wirklich advantage of 11-speed zu sein the capability to schutz all the range sie require there is no sacrificing the rhythm sie need. Dyna-Sys11 maximizes rhythm when driving and climbing v " rhythm Step" gears bei the most frequently used range. Driving efficiency zu sein a vital drivetrain power indicator. Dyna-Sys11 way more speed zum the exact same effort.Shadow RD+Less distraction, quiet drivetrain. Behind derailleur stabilizer, reduces chain slap. Basic solution weil das chain drop. Lighter and more efficient than roller type chain device.

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Models:short:- Cage Length: GS- largest Sprocket this (max.): 42 tooth with 2x11-speed, 46 tooth through 1x11-speed- largest Sprocket this (min.): 40 teeth- smallest Sprocket this (max.): 11 teeth- smallest Sprocket this (min.): 11 teeth- Chainring distinction (max.): 10 teeth- total Capacity: 39 teeth- Manufacturer teil Number: I-RDM8000GSlong:- Cage Length: SGS- largest Sprocket this (max.): 40 this w/ 3x11-speed, 42 this w/ 2x11-speed, 46 this w/ 1x11-speed- largest Sprocket this (min.): 40 teeth- smallest Sprocket this (max.): 11 teeth- the smallest Sprocket teeth (min.): 11 teeth- Chainring distinction (max.): 18 teeth- total Capacity: 47 teeth- Manufacturer teil Number: I-RDM8000SGSContents:- 1 x Shimano XT RD-M8000 Shadow+ rear derailleur


What are the maximal low and min top sprocket zum the Shimano XT 11 rate rear derailleur? ns Shimano XT 11 speed rear derailleur has actually a max low sprocket of 46T und a min oberteil sprocket des 11T.

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What chain ist compatible with die Shimano XT 11 rate rear derailleur?The Shimano XT 1 speed rear derailleur zu sein compatible with chain HG-X 11 speed.

Do I schutz to usage a Shimano XT 11 speed cassette and chain with the Shimano XT 11 speed rear derailleur?No, ns Shimano XT 11 rate rear derailleur ist compatible with other Shimano 11 speed cassettes und chains.