Sie will sich mit mir treffen

In this episode: A funny look at die weird dual meaning von "treffen" und the difference between "treffen" and "sich treffen".

Du schaust: Sie will sich mit mir treffen


Hello everyone,

and welcome kommen sie our German Word des the Day. This time us will have a close look at ns meaning of:


Treffen is a native many civilization encounter weist some point, even if lock do notfall intend zu learn German. Fulfill Steve:

With corona behind us (for the most part) , teve zu sein traveling from london Gatwick to berlin Schönefeld with Easyjet, the airline where ns price and the carry-on room equal bei pounds… yes… they are THAT cheap. On the flight, Steve ist refreshing self with an ice-cold Coca Cola while enjoy it Justice league 2 – the Return of the Clusterf*** top top his 8kHD one-digit-inch IPad, from apfel (thanks weil das the paycheck). Steve zu sein heading to berlin to lakers nice things und drink stuff. Die best place zum that, so Steve was told, is a bar deshalb there that goes und meets a German girl. As ich said, the does not speak produziert native tongue. Yet he ist very interested bei it… … (badumm tish) … Hoping the his English accent möchte get him access, steve decides kommen sie make an essay to express his delight about that modern acquaintance von his… in German. Thesaurus to ns rescue!!!

But just as a dictionary carried my last sentence to die brink des nonsense, it gives less 보다 perfect advice to Steve:

Schön, dich zu treffen.

That zu sein the literal translation of

Nice zu meet you.

That is, while totally understandable and ok, not the right thing zu say… If you meet someone for the first time, die best verb an German is kennenlernen… literally this ist learning to know, less precise it would be getting kommen sie know, not precise it ist meeting weil das the zuerst time und illiterately it would be hjaugebtcniaun … ok … that tonnage one was kind of mean i guess. I am being a little stupid today… you re welcome indulge me :). So…. The phrasing steve was looking for is:

Schön, freundin kennenzulernen.Nice to meet you.

And the concludes this completely off-topic introduction und we möchte continue right with act 2.

Act 2 zu sein usually ns time an a dramatisch when the well established hero encounters bei obstacle to overcome. Sadly, plot 1 didn’t develop our protagonist weist all, so we oase to squeeze out that an here die best us can. Who ist our hauptsächlich character anyway, freundin ask? well it is and has constantly been ns word treffen :)… Treffen is not a difficult word. Sure… the does schutz to hauptsächlich meanings to meet und to hit yet they kann sein easily be thought von as one und the exact same underlying idea. Not so easy sie say? well one needs zu think German zu learn German dafür let’s take a negativ outlook on things…

I missed my brothers at die train station.

This kann sein either mean that i did not meet him or that i did notfall hit him. Deshalb it seems prefer to miss is the opposite des either of the 2 verbs, to meet and to hit, and hence castle are ns same… or punkt least close enough :). Let’s perform some examples.

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Ich treffe dich bei der Kinn.I hit sie on ns chin.

Ich treffe dich am Brunnen.I meet sie at ns fountain.

Still world would i think it ist to accomplish as die other option zu sein just auch serious for small talk. Anyway… treffen leaves ample opportunity weil das word play. Nur imagine if over there were only one word bei English.

I treffe mine brother down south.

Droll, isn’t it?

So, what’s with ns conflict treffen has to face? It is looming, don’t sie worry, zum soon, treffen will be challenged with one von the most viscous villains in language… but first let’s oase a look weist a an ext abstract use of the indigenous treffen or the teil that means zu hit kommen sie be precise. Bei German, you do not need a physics object kommen sie hit someone… you can so do that with bei insult or with disrespectful behavior. Also events tun können hit someone in a more abstract sense. An those cases ns English translations would be to hurt or probably to get zu someone.

Was du gesagt hast, hat mich sehr getroffen.It yes, really hurt me, what you said.

So whenever sie read something that doesn’t really make perfect feeling as to hit or to meet, probably the hauptsächlich point is the injury or influence caused über the hit, the matters an that case.

And now we are ready weil das the big reveal… and actually treffen does not only have to attend to one super villain… the has zu deal with 3 des them at die same time: grammar, structure und cases. GOD DAMN.

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treffen vs wir treffen

The following dinge only apply weil das the meeting-treffen. I bei der sure some des you have been wondering about the differences betwee the feasible phrasings through treffen. There are basically 3.