Silk and flash and go erfahrungsbericht

As laser- hair remove becomes in increasingly famous option, more and more companies have begun offering handheld devices zum at-home use deshalb that you kann skip die expensive shop appointment und still enjoy the same smooth results.

Du schaust: Silk and flash and go erfahrungsbericht

Paying much less money end time und getting kommen sie remain in the privacy of your own house are two attractive perks des personal hair removed devices, but not all tools are created equal.

This review looks at die light-based Silk’N flash & Go, which has been approved von the FDA weil das permanent hair removal. Notfall to be puzzled with laser-based options, like die Tria 4X Hair removed Laser, Silk’N flash & walk utilizes home Pulsed irradiate technology zu target and eliminate hair growth at die follicle.

For a considerable review of laser hair removal, inspect out our post on die best lasse hair removal system on die market. 

Pros und Cons des the Silk’N Flash and Go

The Good
+ Safety features+ Affordable, compared zu similar devices+ Very low pain+ Full body use+ Easy zu use
The Bad
– No dark skin or irradiate hair– Additional cartridges needed– powerful (use caution!)– bring away a lot of patience and time

What’s bei the box?


When sie buy die kit you will receive:

A 5000 flashes cartridgePower CordInstruction manual und CD


Safety Features

The Silk’n Flash and Go device is FDA approved and Health Canada approved due to the fact that 2009. It consists of a safety and security feature an the form of a skin sensor that determines if her skin ist safe zum product use.

Most devices, including the Silk’N speed & Go, can not be provided on darker skin tones (what zu do if you oase darker skin). To protect the user, this skin sensor will notfall allow the device kommen sie fire if the determines your skin zu be too dark.

We appreciate this safety feature, and always look zum devices that schutz been FDA approved. It provides us feel an ext comfortable using a product that has been cleared weil das our safety.


The Silk’N flash & walk retails zum around $400. Contrasted to the thousands des dollars spent on many professional laser- hair remove sessions, plus the cost of traveling and tips, the Silk’N speed & Go is a viel more affordable option.


Most users say ns Silk’n Flash and Go is virtually painless, especially when compared zu professional therapies or comparable devices.

The risk zum pain und burning increases when raising die intensity des the device or treating darker skin, but bei general, the amount des pain relies on die individual user’s pains tolerance.

If the light doesn’t with a hair, there möchte be no pain– dafür a wenig zap means it’s working!

Full human body use

Unlike plenty of other devices, you kann use ns Silk’n Flash and Go follow me your bikini line and on your upper lip. Wie man using below the belt, make sure zu give die skin sensor time zu determine if your skin color ist safe weil das use. Many schutz slightly darker skin down there, and you may notfall want kommen sie venture further than ns bikini line zu avoid burning.

Easy zu use

The device is simple and easy to use, particularly if you’ve viewed it excellent before an a commercial shop or spa– und even if freundin haven’t. Together you’d expect, you place ns Silk’n speed & walk against ns area you’d like zu make permanently hairless, und move it gradually until die entire surface has been treated.

The usage instructions weren’t difficult to understand, and because ns product is deshalb popular, there are numerous videos and supplementary guides kommen sie be found online should freundin need one.


Cannot be offered on dark skin or an extremely light hair

Unfortunately, this device is not really inclusive. Due zu its light based technology, it is not recommended for use on normally dark or an extremely tanned skin. It so does not work on very light fancy hair, such together grey, white, or blonde hair.

Silk’n speed & walk works finest on irradiate skin (I – IV on the Fitzpatrick Skin Tone group Scale) und hair that is light brown or darker.

This is a common problem with plenty of at-home laser hair removal systems. At-home hair removal only works on individuals with light skin and dark hair. 

This is because die light targets darker pigments, turning die light into heat wie it senses ns darker pigment. This kann sein lead kommen sie burning des the skin if used on tan or dark skin tones. If freundin are notfall careful and fail zu use these an equipment as directed, you can cause irreversible damage to your skin.

Additional Costs

The an equipment comes v a 5000 flashes cartridge, an interpretation you will likely need to invest bei additional cartridges prior to seeing preferred results.

We would also advise you zu purchase glasses weil das any intense pulsed irradiate (IPL) use. While the device walk claim freundin do not need glasses, studies have shown that you should usage IPL/HPL safety glasses for products using comparable light wavelengths. Die unit visibly lights die room, and we want individuals to be together safe as possible wie man doing hair-removal weist home.


The Silk’n manufacturer insurance claims that ns device has a safety attribute that wollen stop the from emitting the hair-removing pulses if the detects her skin tone is too dark.

Despite this, some users claimed they go burn themselves when using ns device on darker skin areas, dafür we can’t be positive that this safety feature ist 100%. If freundin don’t allow the sensor enough time kommen sie read ns skin, you might burn yourself.

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Still other users have said die device burned their skin with regular use. Make certain to prüfen the device in a small area zu determine if it möchte work zum you.

Process Length

Expect treatment to take 1 hour or more weil das full body. The light zone ist pretty small (4cm2) deshalb the process can be tedious. This is definitely a disadvantage matches other tools on the market, which offer bigger coverage areas.

Silk’n claims results in just 2-4 sessions, v 80% von users report visible results after 3 months. It should be noted, however, that full results– together opposed to nur visible, noticeable results– may take about 18 months.


Silk’n speed & Go ist a handheld device that is 9x6x3 and approximately 2.5 pounds. The emits 5,000 multi-purpose pulses in an area of 4cm2.

Plainly speaking: the pulse create area is small, deswegen it ist easy to use top top smaller, an ext sensitive locations like ns upper lip or bikini line. Yet this method that the takes longer to cover larger areas des the body.

This specific model features a handle weil das comfortable grip, with the pulse create located on the handle, and also a cord through universal adaptor. The device plugs into ns wall, ensuring the battery won’t die during use, but this deshalb means freundin might uncover yourself slightly limited as to where you kann position yourself when using the device.

There is a power taste on the top. It will light up, und you will hear a fan when die Silk’n Flash und Go ist ready zum use. There are 3 lights that indicate die intensity level. If one riegel is lit, it is at the lowest intensity, if 3 indicates the most powerful setting. Of course, there are additional knoten that adjust die intensity level. It ist recommended to start off at die lower strongness when zuerst beginning treatments.

Usage/ Impressions

To use the Silk Flash and Go device, you must zuerst shave the areas you want kommen sie treat.

Plug in your device, and test top top a small area to make certain there zu sein no irritation or burning.

After, use ns appropriate power level.

Place the device against your skin and wait for the light to indicate your skin tone ist acceptable.

After, pull die trigger, und count kommen sie 4.

Slide kommen sie a fresh area des skin und do die same.

Continue sliding, pulling the trigger, and counting zu 4 till you have finished ns desired area. Do sure freundin pay close fist as kommen sie not fehlschlagen or re-treat die same area.

It zu sein important to wait 2-4 weeks betwee treatments. Hair development occurs in stages, so you want kommen sie repeat die process over time to make sure all of the follicles have been target at ns crucial growth stage. Waiting more than 4 weeks risks allowing ns hair kommen sie pass into the resting phase again, making it unaffected by the light pulses and therefore taking much more time zum permanent hair removal zu be achieved. Countless users say 2 weeks bolzen uses ist the optimal amount of time to wait, however you will become more comfortable und experienced as freundin use the device and judge the hair regrowth.


Make sure you oase the best skin tone and hair color when deciding if freundin should purchase this device. Although it zu sein less expensive than booking a experienced treatment, the investment no worthwhile zum some hair und skin combinations.

The decision counts on not only complexion, but die area you hope kommen sie target und your willingness to see the process through. Numerous users have seen an excellent results on your legs, however these gadgets shouldn’t it is in purchased if your main concern ist eyebrows, since the delicate upper-face skin should be left to professionals. It’s also useful kommen sie consider that perfect results might take part time, und replacement cartridges will become a necessity after extended use.

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The main drawback of the Silk’N Flash und Go device ist the small coverage area compare zu similar tools – this makes it take longer kommen sie treat huge areas, such together legs.

Overall, ns Silk’N flash & Go ist simple, straightforward, und can it is in a heaven-sent solution to unwanted hair. Many have said this device is painless when compared to similar devices or experienced treatment, und love exactly how easy it zu sein to use!