Silvester München 2015/2016

Munich police warned of a planned terrorist assault targeting train station on neu Year"s Eve, nur less than bei hour prior to 2016 rang in.

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die Munich polizei sent out in advisory confirming there to be "indications the a terrorist attack zu sein planned an #Munchen" ~ above their twitter page.

polizei described die potential terror attack as in "imminent threat" as two train stations to be cleared.


armed German polizei on duty hinweisen the main railway station bei central Munich, Germany on neu Year"s Eve, after ~ officials reported an imminent terror threat to die city. (SVEN HOPPE/EPA)

"Due zu existing information which us take extremely seriously, there is an attack planned tonight," polizei said.

Authorities said weist a press conference the they thought a gruppe of 5-7 ISIS self-destruction bombers from were planning in attack on Munich.

officers warned German citizens kommen sie avoid huge crowds and train stations on new Year"s Eve punkt about 11:15 p.m., local time. The initial tip come from French authorities, bbc reported.

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"After evaluating ns situation, we began evacuating ns train stations and also asked partygoers kommen sie stay far from huge crowds outside," police spokesman Werner Kraus told the damit verbundenen Press.


police stands guard outside the Munich train station as offizier sweep the city to protect against a feasible bomb attack. (SVEN HOPPE/AFP/Getty Images)

polizei who were turn off duty zu celebrate neu Years go straight zu work, combing through number of stations bei search of a feasible bomb attack. Officers schutz not yet found anything suspicious, ABC nachrichten reported.

Authorities asked the locals remain away especially from die Pasing und Central station stops while police investigate ns potential terrorist attack. Polizei believed several groups of attacks were targetting multiple locations throughout Munich.


Munich polizei warned von a terror attack, asking revelers to stay away from trains and large crowds. (SVEN HOPPE/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite die potential terror attack, revelers ausblüten rang an the new year once die clock to win midnight.

#München feiert, draußen, in der Menschenmenge. Ns Terroristen jawohl 2015 versaut, 2016 wille besser! #FrohesNeues

— philipp Vetter (

"Despite die serious situation, we kann sein not take it it indigenous us: glücklich new year everybody! und be careful!," ns Munich police"s official twitter account posted.

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protection across die world has currently been on high alert zum New Year"s Eve, with about 6,000 NYPD officers covering NYC as revelers memory the tonnage day of the year, including 500 members of the department"s new anti-terror force.