Skoda karoq vs seat ateca

In this technical comparison, we consisted of Škoda Karoq vs Seat Ateca. This ist not a real-life test, only a straightforward comparison based on technical facts.

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We kann not bypass ns fact that the compact SUV market ist extremely popular. Die enormous sales success achieved von Seat Ateca logically motivated Škoda kommen sie involve in the industry share race.

Video comparison: Škoda Karoq vs Seat Ateca

Basic info

Škoda Karoq

Manufacturer: Škoda AutoProduction: 2017 – existing (first generation, the predecessor was Škoda Yeti)Class: Compact crossover SUVAssembly: Czech Republic

Seat Ateca

Manufacturer: SEATProduction: 2016 – current (first generation)Class: Compact crossover SUVAssembly: Czech Republic, Algeria

Exterior dimensions: Karoq vs Ateca


Škoda Karoq mit Seat Ateca exterior dimension: length, width, height, wheelbase, soil clearance

Exterior measurement copy-paste ist very apparent here. Difference in length zu sein less 보다 2 centimeters in favor of Karoq. Your width zu sein exactly the same punkt 1.84 m and the elevation is also similar, give or take a couple of millimeters.

Škoda Karoq has actually a soil clearance of 176 mm, when Ateca’s ship sits 188 mm above die surface, 12 mm higher.

Interior dimensions: Škoda Karoq vs Seat Ateca

Škoda Karoq mit Seat Ateca inner dimensions: legroom, head room, shoulder room

Unfortunately, us could not gather a lot of od die info about interior dimensions. The only thing available zu sein the headroom front and rear.

Again, very similar measurements, seat Ateca has a bit much more headroom front, while passenger on ns rear bench will notfall notice any kind of difference sitting in Škoda or Seat. In both cases, they wollen be available with 1.020 mm von space from the rear seat up to ns roof.

Luggage compartment and weight: Karoq mit Ateca

Škoda Karoq vs Seat Ateca: luggage compartment/cargo volume, weight

Modern vehicles, made von Škoda, room famous for their practicality. Und one von the most appreciated features ist the size des the luggage compartment. We room sure engineers received bei order to entwurf a little bit bigger cargo volume than their competitors.

And yes, castle succeeded. Karoq has 11 liters enlarge luggage volume mit Seat Ateca with seats up, and 26 liters an ext room wie rear seats room folded down.

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On the other hand, Seat has a more sporty reputation. Und the gesamt weight dram a part an achieving much better performance. Therefore, seat Ateca ist 60 kilograms lighter 보다 Škoda Karoq (in both instances base model).

Škoda Karoq mit Seat Ateca engines

Škoda Karoq vs Seat Ateca engines: petrol, diesel, max power, maximal torque

Similar dimension usually method similar engines, especially wie vehicles come from die same owner. And this ist exactly the case here.

The just difference zu sein Ateca can be equipped through a 2-liter petrol engine. Energie range zu sein the same, indigenous 85 kW to 140 kW. Torque range is also the same, bolzen 200 und 400 Nm des torque.

Karoq vs Ateca performance

Škoda Karoq vs Seat Ateca performance: oberteil speed, acceleration (0-100 km/h, 0-62 mph)

Looking at top speed und acceleration of Karoq mit Ateca, there are no major differences. Us do not say that die actual feeling wie driving one or another is so the same, our statement zu sein based solely on technological data.

As already mentioned before, Seat zu sein sportier bolzen these two, and Škoda zu sein more practical. Deswegen looking exclusively on driving pleasure, Ateca might be a bit better choice here.

Škoda Karoq mit Seat Ateca safety rating

Škoda Karoq vs Seat Ateca safety nennen (EuroNCAP crash test results)

Both seat Ateca und Škoda Karoq achieved 5 star EuroNCAP security rating. Very little difference looking weist individual parameters. We can easily speak both dare are an extremely safe.

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Karoq vs Ateca preis comparison

Škoda Karoq mit Seat Ateca preis comparison an Germany and bei the UK

You could expect very comparable price. Und it would certainly be. But there ist one interesting fact. Škoda Karoq is not available with ns lowest tools package.

They anfang with tool trim level, which zu sein packed v a lot of extr candies. Und these candies price money. Deshalb if her budget ist low and you are prepared kommen sie buy die entry version, you kann do it only hinweisen Seat.