Sky go media keymesser licenser error

Sky Go apps not working concerns are among ns significant causes of headache for its users. Every little thing device sie are ~ above – it is in it an Xbox console, tablet, mobile, or laptop, Sky has made that possible kommen sie watch TV anywhere you are with this on-demand service.

Du schaust: Sky go media keymesser licenser error

However, some von you may have experienced see a sky Go schwarze farbe screen on her device at least once in your whole life.

“Not knowing exactly how to handhaben this issue kann be fairly frustrating and irritating.

Fortunately, this comprehensive troubleshooting guide kann help freundin with her problems und get your apps running in no time.

The Most usual Sky Go not Working Issue

Receiving verfehlt codes on her device is not something freundin would want to lakers while relaxing indigenous a stressful day at work.

With this on-screen messages, freundin would notfall be able zu watch noþeles on your sky Go app or skies Go Extra.

For instance, users who schutz downloaded its neu update oase rung hoch Sky’s customer leistungen hotline weil das one specific reason – a skies Go black screen.

Some schutz reported suffering this problem immediately ~ they oase signed into ns app.

Meanwhile, others schutz complained about not seeing the play taste after click on die programme they would certainly want to watch.

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But before sie contact their customer service hotline, you kann sein try the end these radikale troubleshooting approaches on her laptop or Xbox one console.

Sky Go notfall Working top top Laptop


If freundin use an Xbox One console in streaming your favourite skies channels and programmes, you may have so experienced seeing a sky Go schwarz screen.

When this happens, you kann sein try the fundamental troubleshooting methods noted below zum this type des device.

Method 1

The most common way zu fix worries on your Xbox One is von reinstalling the app. To do this, follow ns guided actions below.

Go to ns My Games and App tile.Press the start button on your controller and click uninstall.Go to die Store and press die Apps menu.Search for Sky Go and install.Method 2

If ns Go apps from Sky anwendung stops functioning on your Xbox One game console, freundin may need kommen sie perform a tough reset to clear the cache. Kommen sie do this, follow ns guided procedures below.

Without turning off the system, host down ns power taste of your Xbox One zum 10 seconds.Once that switches off, turn it back on. Freundin should be able to seen a green display upon start-up.

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Still Encountering Errors?


Never experience sky Go app not working concerns ever again! With ns troubleshooting approaches we discussed, you can enjoy streaming your favourite channels und programmes on any device.