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When you try to sign bei to Teams in Edge, internet Explorer, google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, die site continually loops, and you tun können never sign in.

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This problem occurs if her organization provides Trusted Sites and doesn"t enable die URLs zum Teams. Therefore ns Teams web-based application ist not able zu sign in.


Change ns settings zum your web browser using administrator legal rights or a gruppe Policy object (GPO). Edge

In ns Edge Settings window, select Cookies and site permissions then pick Manage and delete cookies and site data under Cookies und data stored.

Turn on Allow sites kommen sie save und read cookie dünn (recommended) and make certain Block third-party cookies is turned off. Alternatively, follow action 3 if sie need kommen sie keep third-party cookies blocked.

In ns same window, under Allow, choose Add zu add die following sites:



To change ns settings by using GPO, follow this steps:

Internet Explorer


Starting on november 30, 2020, ns groups web app no much longer supports internet Explorer 11. Zum more information, go here.

In fenstern Control Panel, offen Internet Options.

In the internet Options window, select Privacy and Advanced.

Select Accept zum First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies, and then select the Always enable session cookies examine box.


Alternatively, follow actions 3 and 4 if freundin need kommen sie keep third-party plätzchen blocked.

In the internet Options window, choose Security > Trusted Sites > Sites.

Add ns following sites:


Google Chrome

In die Chrome Settings window, on ns Privacy und security tab, pick Cookies und other site data.

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Under Sites that kann always use cookies, pick Add, und then select die Including third-party cookies on this site inspect box.

Add die following sites:


To change the settings by using GPO:

Add die sites listed bei step 3 above to the Content settings > CookiesAllowedForUrls setting.

Mozilla Firefox

In die Firefox Settings window, select ns Privacy & Security tab.

Under Cookies and Site Data, pick Manage Exceptions.

In die Address of website buchstabe box, type the following URLs, und then select Allow.

Select Save Changes.

To change die settings von using GPO:

Add the sites listed in step 3 above to the Cookies > Allowed Sites setting.


Teams support for Safari ist currently in preview. Use ns following workaround zu access ns Teams web client:

Select Preferences > Privacy.Uncheck ns Prevent cross-site tracking setting.Close Safari, then reopen it und navigate to

For an ext information, seen Teams preview won"t open in Safari.

More information

There space some recognized issues you might run into wie you try kommen sie sign in to Teams. Seen Why am I having trouble signing bei to Teams? weil das details.

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As a finest practice, validate and enable every trusted URLs zum Teams and review die requirements in the following articles:

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