Smart fortwo coupe micro hybrid drive

From a particularly economical 52 kW variant des the smart fortwo through a start/stop function wollen roll off the production line an Hambach: the smart fortwo micro hybride drive. From the end of the year it will be available as a coupé and a cabrio in all 3 lines – pure, pulse and passion. In addition, a restricted special collection that wollen offer in attractive preis saving is planned to mark the sector launch. Die micro-hybrid variant möchte be accessible as a left-hand-drive ECE ausführung in and all various other markets.

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The smart fortwo micro hybrid drive offers idling phases zu switch off die engine und temporarily fully avoid fuel consumption, exhaust gas and noise emissions. In combination with the automated hands-on transmission currently fitted an the production vehicle, customers kann sein comfortably use this role with preferably start/stop availability. Studies have shown that in everyday web traffic vehicles kommen sie to a stop every 1.3 kilometer on average.
At ns heart of the system is a one-of-a-kind belt-driven starter generator the supplies die vehicle"s electrical system with voltage und has a secondary function as a starter. It zu sein able kommen sie smoothly anfang up die combustion engine bei a fraction von a second as quickly as the treiber releases the brake pedal. This dispenses with die need for a standard starter motiv that works on die flywheel of the crank assembly. In conjunction v slightly modified gear ratios, this strategy leads to a fuel saving of approximately 8 percent bei the new European Driving bike (NEDC). Ns standard consumption zu sein reduced über approximately 0.4 litres von 100 kilometres – native 4.7 litres to around 4.3 litres. Depending on the traffic situation (heavy sluggish traffic), this tun können lead zu a fuel saving des approximately 13 percent. Over there is so a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions from 112 grams kommen sie approx. 103 grams über kilometre.
The system was developed von smart bei cooperation with Valeo GmbH and the gates Corporation. Die mechanical assembly comprises the starter generator stern 137 native Valeo. This generator delivers torque von 42 metres or current des maximum 120 ampere punkt 14 volts – enough kommen sie guarantee a reliable engine start, even at a temperature von minus 25 levels Celsius. Kommen sie ensure a low-slip and durable connection von the crank assembly and the starter generator, both contents were given broader belt pulleys, together was die water pump that is also driven. A six-rib poly-V-belt from gates transmits the power.

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Belt tension is particularly important because des the transforming loads an start/stop operation. A coaxial spring-and-shock absorb unit that ist hinged to die starter generator is supported über the engine block. Ns starter generator is pivoted so that it kann sein apply ns tension force to ns belt drive. This ensures that both ns belt ar pulled by the burning engine wie it zu sein running und the security belt section pulled by the starter during the start are able kommen sie reliably transmit die torque needed.
The activities von the system are controlled über a separate regulate unit v integrated stärke electronics that zu sein installed behind die battery recess. This communicates with ns vehicle"s other control units via can databus. A three-phase cable transmits ns generator power of up kommen sie 120 ampere. The energie electronics regulate the power of both the starter und the generator. In AGM battery stores ns energy zum the on-board electrics. Ns electrolyte ist bound in an absorbent glass matt. Its physical properties make it an ext resistant zu varying loaded und unloaded conditions (more bicycle resistant) than typical lead-acid batteries through sulphuric acid electrolyte.

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The energie electronics of the belt-driven starter generator move off the combustion engine in idling phases, for example at traffic lights, level crossings or in stop-and-go traffic. An view von fuel economy and comfort, ns electronics move off the engine at a speed des below 8 km/h when the driver presses the brake pedal, signalising that he or she wants to stop. Ns engine start as quickly as the treiber releases die brake pedal again. This guarantees bei imstopcat.orgte response. The start/stop function kann be deactivated if required with a move on die centre console – until the next beginning procedure (ignition off/ignition on).