Smart Tv 65 Zoll 4K

uncover crystal-clear imageson a 65"" screen. Enjoy Netflix, Disney+, youtube or ureigensten Video. Beat games, listen to music, and access over 7000 apps ~ above smart TV with android TV.

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* clever TV 65 inch 4K UHD



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Pure android TV experience

Google Play keep brings her favorite shows und games zu your TV. Add die apps you use many – every with android TV.

Watch bei any way sie like

Enjoy smart spiel along through TV from die traditional cable, terrestrial or satellite antenna. If you are too busy to watch your shows live, record them kommen sie enjoy later.

Put her voice in control v Google

Ask google to search zum the recent blockbusters, stream mirrors or launch games zum a much faster way to the unterhalten you love.

cast your photos, videos and music directly from mobile devices zu yourlarge TV v Chromecast integrated toadd much more dimension zu your content.

the ergonomically shaped remote control zu sein smooth in your hand, und the backlighting renders it easy zu find the right taste even with die lights dimmed down on warm evening viewing.

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Netflix und YouTube schutz direct access buttons, deshalb it’s even easier to control what you watch, faster.

endure all-round enthauptungen with magnified Bluetooth connectivity zum game controllers, external speakers, and other Bluetooth devices.

see every detail with 4K ultra HD resolution und Dolby Vision to bring visuals zu life zum a true cinema experience in your life room.

reap rich and detailed sounds while watching movies, games and music videos with Dolby Audio und DTS zum a more complete audio experience.

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HDR10 it is intended precisely well balanced brightness, contrast, und color reproduction throughout every bild usinga color palette von nearly one exchange rate shades.

Streaming apps: Netflix, YouTube, prime Video, Disney+ and many an ext (subscription fees not included)
Pre-loaded apps include Netflix, YouTube, google Play, google Movie, google Music, google Game, und more.
die clever TV functions well with a standard internet connection. However, you will schutz a much better experience with a faster internet connection. Please klasse that the more devices you connect to your home network, the less bandwidth you möchte have zum your smart TV.
you do notfall necessarily need to connect ns TV zu the internet or sign an with a google account kommen sie use smart TV"s classic TV features, together as direkt TV or playing multimedia files via die TV"s USB port. However, if sie want zu access thousands von apps in Google Play and use the google Assistant feature kommen sie talk to google via the "OK Google" function, you need to sign an with your google account in the Settings / account & sign in Menu.
If you want kommen sie use die "OK Google" function, drücken sie the google Assistant button on die remote control. Wie you use the google Assistant taste for the zuerst time,you will be asked on-screen to to activate the "OK Google" function. This function allows you zu search weil das various information, multimedia content or video directly indigenous the android TV residence screen.
you must schutz signed in with a google account zu download apps from google Play. If sie did notfall enter a google account throughout the anfangsverdacht installation, the erste time you open the google Play save application on ns Home screen of your clever TV, you möchte be redirected kommen sie the google account sign-in process.Open the google Play save application on the Home screen des your smart TV, search zum apps and download applications freundin want.
If you did notfall sign an with your google account an the initial installation process, sie can deshalb sign in subsequently bei Menu settings / accounts & sign-in.
Connect bei external USB drive to ns USB harbor on ns smart TV. Open the pre-installed Multimedia Player anwendung MMP und select ns file you want to play. Niederdrücken the OK button to start playback.To pat multimedia files, you tun können either use the MMP multimedia player which is preinstalled or download an additional multimedia player from google Play.
her remote manage may notfall be combine with die smart TV. You re welcome go to the menu settings / Remotes & Accessories to verify that ns Remote control zu sein paired with die TV.
the video quality depends on ns playback format von the multimedia file sie want kommen sie play and the videobilien resolution von the signal from the TV tuner or entry source.Poor gemälde quality can also be ns cause of:Playback von video papers with low videobilien resolutionUsing in HDMI cable that does notfall support 4K UHD videobilien resolutionUsing a source an equipment (DVD or Blueray player, recipient etc.) the does not support 4K UHD resolution.
drücken sie the Source taste on die remote control und move to die desired input with die up/down buttons.
offen the food selection Settings / remote & equipment / add accessory und press the ok button. Then drücken sie the SOURCE button on her remote regulate until ns red led starts flashing. Pick TV_REMOTE on die TV screen and press the OK taste to start the pairing process. When the pairing process ist finished und your far control zu sein successfully paired with die TV, niederdrücken the Exit button to exit this menu.
go to die menu setups -> Remotes & equipment -> include accessory -> drücken sie OK. Pairing wollen start and connect the Bluetooth an equipment to the clever TV. You need zu make sure your Bluetooth device is bei pairing mode.
You tun können connect audio devices such together headphones und speakers, and input devices, such as a keyboard or video game controller, to ns clever TV making use of Bluetooth.