Goodyear’s Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 all-season tyre has actually won German magazine auto Bild’s latest tire test. Follow to ns magazine, ns tyre demonstrated the best control performance in all weather conditions, especially an wet and snow conditions.

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Goodyear Dunlop’s pair premium brands have proven their winter performance bei recent tyre experiment conducted von GTÜ/ACE, ADAC/TCS and ÖAMTC. In all three tests, Dunlop’s winter Sport 5 (SUV) und Goodyear’s UltraGrip performance Gen-1 take it first und second place respectively.


Magazine titles belonging to die same publishing kopieren, gruppe streamline costs von sharing tyre experimentation resources, und as a an outcome often draw comparable conclusions. This was the case zum the motorcycle tyre testen published von German magazines Motorrad und PS. Both Motorrad’s may 2017 evaluation von six touring tire brands und the test of these commodities appearing an the september issue des PS magazine name die same in brand geraten as winner. Continental is therefore celebrate a “second test victory in just 3 months” weil das its ContiRoadAttack 3.


The outcomes des comparative prüfung published von car magazines and motoring associations influence countless drivers’ purchase decisions. Tyre testen are no exemption here, and therefore ns pride Goodyear shows in its tyres’ test performance is understandable. Ns tyre maker reports that, in 208 tagebuch tyre testen carried out by 37 renowned European publications and organisations over the past 5 years – including automobil Express, ADAC, wagen Bild, auto Bild Allrad, automobil Zeitung, gute Fahrt, auto Moto und ACE/GTÜ – Goodyear tyres were recommended an more than 80 von cent of them. Goodyear was named prüfen winner in 43 des these tests.

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The current problem of automobil Express looks at the best tyres available in Britain, und Continental zu sein very glücklich with die outcome of this year’s test. Its ContiPremiumContact 5 has been voted ns top tyre in the publication’s evaluation von 11 dimension 205/55R16 summer tyres, und Continental notes that die award “recognises ns ContiPremiumContact 5 across a vast spectrum, taking top spot zum dry handling, wet handling und wet braking.”

Membat has decided to organize a training day for its official distributors in Spain, as well as zum its customers.


The finish comments bei the tyre prüfung published in the latest worry of automobil Bild Allrad offer food weil das thought to anyone considering their tire options weil das the comes winter. All-season tyres, posit the three-man mannschaft behind ns German magazine’s evaluation of eight SUV tyres, tun können be “a fully-fledged alternative zu seasonal tyre changes – detailed they space as great as our prüfung winners.” tire buyers do not do it hesitate kommen sie place their trust in the best all-season rubber, lock add, even if dedicated summer and winter tyres blieb can’t it is in beat an specific performance areas.

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Although a neu arrival in the market, Goodyear’s latest off-road tire has acquired a zuerst tyre prüfung victory with its coronation as king of Drive out magazine’s all-terrain tire test. Ns South afri publication’s June planke compared 7 products, and concluded that die Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure was “considerably better” than its predecessor (the Goodyear AT/SA) and a “worthy winner” thanks zu its outstanding performance both off und on die road.