On Tuesday, another song from ns Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack was released, this one from australian hitmaker Sia.

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"Tell produziert on how freundin feel," Sia sings over floating strings ~ above "Salted Wound," a moody, ethereal ballad. "Give produziert every to speak she needs zu hear/Give your heart, und say kommen sie take it/And she will see you"re a an excellent man."

The soundtrack to ns blockbuster adaptation also features a stripped-down version von Beyonce’s hit einzel "Crazy bei Love" and previously-released songs from ellie Goulding and The Weeknd.

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In contrast to ns film"s controversial subject matter, ns lyrics des Sia"s das lied are almost comforting, maybe embracing the softer side von the kinky BDSM relationship bolzen millionaire businessman christian Grey und college college student Anastasia Steele?

"Yeah you’ll pull v it," ns chorus repeats. "You’re safe."

NEWS: ellie Goulding"s "Love Me Like sie Do" videos Features new "Fifty Shades" Footage

The "Chandelier" singer has been having quite the year deswegen far, with in appearance as Saturday Night Live"s musical guest und a Golden globus nomination zum her song "Opportunity" from ns movie musical Annie.

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Check out more prominent from ns Fifty Shades soundtrack bei the videos below.

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Soundtrack: alt Favorites, new Artists und BEYONCE

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