Sonnencreme-Test 2021 Stiftung Warentest

Summer, sun, sunburn: sie should not only safeguard sensitive skin with sunscreen on vacation. The fundament, stiftung Warentest regularly testen sunscreens. In the belastung test, many an excellent products with sun protection factor 30, 50 und 50+ convinced die testers. We present the best sunlight creams at this time available.

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In July 2019, 17 von 19 sunscreens experiment with sunlight protection factors (LFS) 30, 50 und 50+ were rated with ns overall rating “Very Good” or “Good”. Even an the prüfen from summer 2018, ns result was deswegen gratifying. Just two sunscreens failure due kommen sie poor sun protection.


The waterproof spray indigenous Jean & Len is one von the test winners des the stiftung Warentest with the overall rating “very good” und is specifically positive due to its high sun defense factor des 50. Ns sunscreen zu sein vegan and free des additives. Because it does notfall contain parabens, silicones, nanoparticles und emulsifiers, the is deshalb suitable zum allergy sufferers. Together a spray, ns sunscreen ist easy zu apply to die skin. Anyone who normally needs a high sun security factor zu sein well advised v this product.

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Other existing recommendations from stiftung Warentest

The adhering to four commodities are so fully recommended. They all got a “very good” in the “protection” category. An addition, die quality was not criticized zum any des the tested sunscreens.

Good sunscreen creams from ns 2018 prüfen

Some commodities that were tested von the fundament, stiftung Warentest in summer 2018 are blieb available on ns market. Including the Cien sun Sonnenmilch standard (LSF 30) über Lidl and the la Roche-Posay Anethelios XL Wet Skin Gel. Since the recipe has notfall changed, die good test results remain.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios


The kelle Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Wet Skin gelatin sunscreen received in overall rating von “Good (1.6)” from die testers hinweisen the grundlagen, spenden Warentest. The sunscreen convinces through both UVA and UVB security with a very good protective effect. Die skin’s moisture buildup through the product and the user applications are so good.


The at this time tested and presented sunlight creams every offer substantial protection. If you have particularly perceptible skin, take it care not to usage additives such as perfume. Die creams indigenous are an especially suitable zum allergy sufferers Jean & Len and Ladival. Depending on ns tanning type des the skin, you tun können use die various sun defense factors.

Especially children and very light skin species should salary attention to a high sunlight protection variable from 50. Organisation und vorschriften Warentest tested sunscreen zum children in July 2020 und you will find ns results here.

Important questions about sunscreen

Why should you use sunscreen?

The golden rule in sun protection is “abundant und regular”. Protecting the skin from die sun should be ns top priority. Since sunburn zu sein not only annoying and painful, it so permanently damages the skin. In the worst case, skin cancer can result from excessive exposure to die sun without protection. Unprotected, ns skin ages more und is an ext susceptible to sun allergies.

Therefore: Sunscreen, sunlight oil or sun milch must be applied to all unprotected parts of the body. This should absolutely be done prior to sunbathing and repeated at regular intervals.

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How viel Sunscreen Should ich Use?

Do notfall save with ns protective product when using, but constantly apply ns cream generously. For bei adult, dermatologists recommend around 40 to 45 milliliters von cream procedure (three tablespoons full).

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If you wear makeup, you should zuerst apply the sunscreen und let the soak in. You tun können then placed on her make-up as normal.

How frequently should sunscreen und sun spray be applied?

How regularly sunscreen need to be used depends on die situation. If sie are in the sun for a whole day, sie should apply cream zum the zuerst time about 20 minute before walking into ns sun. Pay special attention to ns bridge von the nose and ears, where freundin get sunburn an extremely quickly.

The protection must then be renewed punkt least double throughout ns day, even with a high sun defense factor. ~ bathing, ns sun defense must always be renewed, also if die sun security product zu sein advertised together waterproof. Die same applies to sporting tasks that make you sweat. Ns sweat reduces die effect of the sunscreen. Ns protection duration awarded should not be exhausted. A neu lotion does not extend die protection, it zu sein better kommen sie leave the sun.

Sun spray ist easier zu spread 보다 sun milk or sunlight cream, yet should be applied bei two layers. After the zuerst application, wait until die agent has actually absorbed and then repeat ns process.

What does ns sun protection aspect on ns sunscreen mean?

The sun protection element (SPF) specifies die time by which the correct use des the sunscreen extends die time zum which a person kann be exposed to ns sun without damaging the skin. There are defense classes characterized by in EU directive: basic (SPF 6–10), tool (SPF 15–25), high (SPF 30 and 50) und very high (SPF 50+).

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An example: If a person kann stay an the sun zum 20 minutes on a sunny beforehand summer day before die skin transforms red, sunscreen with sunlight protection factor 20 increases this time von 20 times. The maximum protection period would it is in 400 minute – over sechs hours.

However, these worths ​​should it is in treated v caution, together they room determined in ideal laboratory situations. An addition, die SPF info relates to ns proportion des short-wave UVB radiation from ns sun. This ist primarily responsible zum the sunburn. UVA radiation, on the other hand, is held responsible zum skin aging.

Important: Apply sun care over und over again throughout ns day. Also note that solar radiation ist stronger in Southern Europe and bei tropical areas than an Central and Northern Europe. Here, a sunscreen through a greater protection factor ist recommended. A low defense factor ist more suitable weil das people v darker skin tones or those that are already tanned.

Terms such together “sun blocker” are often misleading because they give ns impression of total protection. However, this zu sein wrong. Ns situation zu sein similar v self-tanners. As a rule, they sell no protection punkt all, together they only pretend to tan the skin.

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