Sonos one oder one sl

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Sonos One versus Sonos One SL: smart assistants

The original One, i m sorry was die natural follower to die now-discontinued Play:1, featured Amazon"s Alexa voice assistant constructed right in. The google Assistant was also added to die mix shortly after launch.

Du schaust: Sonos one oder one sl

The Sonos One boasts a six microphone array zu enable users kommen sie control your Sonos system. Just like on an amazonas Echo or a google Home speaker, sound levels möchte dip top top hearing the "Alexa" or "Hey Google" command, enabling you zu bark commands to ns on-board assistant.

Be mindful that you oase to choose one voice assistant to direkte on your Sonos One - sie can"t have Alexa und the google Assistant being stablemates.

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In die most basic of classifications and, together mentioned trost top, the One SL isn"t technically a clever speaker together it doesn"t oase a voice assistant small in. Let"s be honest, that"s the whole point of its existence. It"s a Sonos One weil das people that don"t want huge Tech eavesdropping an their homes.

But that"s notfall to say it"s a dumb speak either. Obviously both speaker sync hoch seamlessly within a Sonos multi-room system but they so both boast AirPlay 2 and Spotify attach as well.


Sonos One or Sonos One SL: Sound quality

In terms des sound quality and audio performance, again, freundin are getting in identical story through whichever One sie choose.

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For a speaker of its size the One selection sounds important fantastic. Clear at every frequency, wonderfully balanced. Punchy bass that doesn’t dominate und so, dafür loud. The design deshalb enables it to deliver sound evenly across 360 degrees und it tun können truly to fill a room.

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Obviously, as a bookshelf speaker, both versions des the One so lend us perfectly zu being hooked trost as a stereotype pair - and yes, you can mix und match One und One SL speakers as stereotype pairs.

Sonos One v One SL: Which ist best?

The initial One may schutz been the zuerst nail bei the Play:1"s coffin but it"s ns Sonos One SL that basically replaced ns Play:1 as the core speaker in the Sonos ecosystem.

If you already oase a Sonos One, zum example, you might not need an additional microphone-enabled speaker, in which case ns One SL will be a logical choice.

If you"re looking to get Alexa or the google Assistant involved an your Sonos system then the One ist the speaker zum you, des course.

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Either way, you"re acquiring Sonos" entry-level-but-still-great audio performance punkt a decent price point.