Sonos play 1 mit fernseher verbinden

The Sonos Beam ist a soundbar v a compact entwurf with a glowing sound profile and is fine suited for listening to most types von audio content.

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The Sonos beam associate to ns LG TV and serves together a smart soundbar through a perfect audio punch, regardless of its small size.

This sound system features a well-balanced sound profile and a large soundstage. It deshalb has bei excellent center channel performance zum immense conversation following in movies.

This compact soundbar enhances die entertainment und experiences remarkable sound for streaming movies, music, und while watching television.

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Setting Up ns Sonos Beam To ns LG TV

 The Sonos Beam ist a compact soundbar zum the LG TV and plays great-sounding music with die Beam. This soundbar can be managed with voice, ns Sonos app, ns remote, und a lot more. Ns Oscar-winning sound designers tuned ns Beam to emphasize die sounds von the human voice, to follow the geschichten on die television seamlessly.

The soundbar is equipped with amazonas Alexa and Google Assistant zu play music, set alarms, check ns news, etc., totally hands-free. Setup up ns Sonos beam to die LG TV zu sein easy and going indigenous unboxing to listening takes just a few minutes, with nur two cables and automatic remote detection technology.

Before connecting ns Sonos Beam to the television, it should be set up with die help von the Sonos app on die computer, mobile or tablet device. If this step is skipped, sie will not receive audio from the Sonos Beam. Ns step-by-step instructions zum setting up the Sonos beam space as follows.

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Download the apps for ns Sonos controller on the device that möchte be used zum the setup. It could be a computer, tablet, or phone.Place the Sonos beam in a preferred location, maybe near the television, and supply powerThere wollen be in HDMI cable listed with ns Beam. Use this cable to connect ns Beam and the LG TV with its HDMI-ARC portIn some models of LG TV, ns HDMI port ist not available. You tun können use the optical audio adapter and connect die digital audio the end port on die TV bei such instances.Now offen the Sonos app on ns device und follow ns instructions zu pair the Beam and the television.Open the Sonos App for android or iOSChoose ‘set up a new system.’Sign an to the Sonos account or develop a new oneTap ‘Add’ on ns pop trost showing against ns Sonos productTap Continue und ‘Set hoch products’Follow ns on-screen instructions zu set up the Beam and add to ns music services.

Connecting the Sonos Beam To the LG TV With the Help Of an HDMI Port


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For the models of LG Televisions that space compatible v Alexa, the Sonos beam has a command that zu sein specific weil das TV use. You kann sein use this command either to turn on or turn Off die TV. There are deshalb commands zum the volume of the television such as ‘Mute’ and ‘Turn it up.

To usage these commands, ns television und the Beam have to be associated with die help von the HDMI-ARC input and the television should be HDMI- CEC enabled. An LG TV this HDMI-CEC ist referred to as ‘SimpLink’.

The Sonos beam plays zurück all des the TV audio after die setup is complete. ~ pairing, we can stream audio from any TV channel, movies, radio, audiobooks, podcasts, video on demand. They choose up the best form that both die Beam und TV kann support, and the audio kann take a few seconds to start, which zu sein normal.

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Bottom Line

It zu sein now possible zu enjoy high-quality und brilliant sound von pairing the LG television with the Sonos beam außen audio system.

The adjusting bass und treble controls assist customize die sound in the separation, personal, instance room and escalate her TV city hall experience kommen sie a an excellent level.

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The Sonos beam also can pair with other Sonos speakers hinweisen home zum a brilliant surround sound. It is possible kommen sie wall mount them as well weil das a theatre experience in the living room.