Sonos Play 5 Stereo Paar

You pick a stereotype setup kommen sie enjoy your music to the fullest. That's why you've set up 2 Sonos speakers bei the exact same room. Every you have to do ist now, zu sein set them hoch as a stereo pair. I'll describe how to do this with the following steps.

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2 of the very same Sonos speakers. These speakers are set up bei the exact same room.

The Sonos Controller apps installed ~ above your smartphone or tablet.

A nice cup des coffee.


For die best stereotype sound, place ns speakers left and right an front von the hearne position. Sie ensure that ns distance from each speaker to die listening position zu sein the same. Place ns speakers hinweisen ear height. Use a box or stand to create the correct position.

Tip: perform you oase a Play: 3 or a Play: 5? You kann sein position castle both horizontally and vertically, as long as both speaker are in the exact same position. Place die speakers horizontally to oase good sound on your entire sofa. Do you often aufführen alone? Then position the speaker vertically zum better stereo playback.


Make sure your smartphone or tablet zu sein connected to your Wi-Fi network and open the Sonos Controller app. The apps will automatically search weil das your currently system and log on zu it.

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When freundin set trost 2 Sonos speakers in the same room, you"ll see the adhering to screen. Click Set nach oben stereo pair to set up die speakers. Don"t lakers this möglichkeit right away? open the setups via ns gear wheel icon. Go to system und tap one des the two speakers listed below Products. Jetzt tap Set trost stereo pair.


One von the 2 speakers möchte produce a sound. Listen which speaker produces this sound und select it in the app. Next, madness Continue.

The app will no turn the 2 speakers into a stereotype pair. This kann take a couple von seconds or minutes.

Once they"ve been connected, you tap Done. Your stereotype pair has actually been created und will appear bei the app. You tun können view the stereo pair über tapping die gear wheel icon and choosing System. You"ll now see your stereotype pair below Products.

Your speaker are jetzt linked together a stereotype pair. Beat a song and tap the stereo pair, which möchte appear together the name of your stereotype pair followed von L+R. When you insanity this group, you can play music via this pair. If you want to undo die group, you go zurück to the settings via the gear wheel icon. Madness System und select die speakers. The auswahl Stereo pair will jetzt disappear below Products. Do you prefer 2 or an ext speakers zu produce ns same sound? Click below.

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