Sony bdp-s6700 test

Key Specifications

Review Price: £150.003D Blu-ray playback3D Blu-ray playbackBuilt-in dual-band ‘Super Wi-Fi’Online apps & DLNA streamingBluetooth v LDAC support

What ist the Sony BDP-S6700?

Sony ist yet zu launch bei Ultra HD Blu-ray player and might not do deswegen until 2017, so in the during we’ll schutz to make execute with its latest ‘regular’ Blu-ray player, the BDP-S6700. That may not play UHD Blu-rays yet it will upscale constant Blu-rays und DVDs kommen sie 4K, as well as offering a wealth des other features like videos streaming, DLNA und Bluetooth. The BDP-S6700 replaces ns BDP-S6500 und sits one step listed below Sony’s new premium deck, die £400 UHP-H1.

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Sony BDP-S6700 – Design und Connections

The BDP-S6500’s design and build high quality were rather underwhelming, and very little has adjusted on this neu model. The sports ns same tasteful schwarze farbe styling and slim dimensions together its predecessor, with a similarly plasticky bodywork. 

None von this ist surprising – no allude wasting R&D cash on Blu-ray through a next-gen player on ns way – however it’s not brilliant zum £150. The fascia feel plasticky und the disc tray flap sounds rickety as it pops out.

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There are a few nice touches though, such as ns secure aluminium oberteil cover and the brushed, dappled and glossy panels on ns fascia, which break up die black-box monotony. Those more, die remarkably compact bodywork (xxmm wide) provides it easy to accommodate bei your AV rack.

A pair of buttons on die right regulate eject and standby. Below them is a USB port, which permits you kommen sie plug an a speed drive und play music, video and photo files. The zurück sports die trademark spending plan Blu-ray socket choice – HDMI, coaxial digital and Ethernet. 

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On die wireless side there’s integrated dual-band Wi-Fi und Bluetooth, die latter enabling you kommen sie enjoy movie privately v headphones – finish with Sony’s quality-boosting LDAC codec. The Wi-Fi module inside this player features a multi-antenna design and is positioned to deliver ns strongest signal. Die benefit, says Sony, ist smooth videos streaming and responsive browsing.Related: samsung UBD-K8500 extremist HD Blu-ray Player review

Sony BDP-S6700 – Features

The BDP-S6700 does whatever you’d intend from a Blu-ray deck. And 2D Blu-ray, it spins 3D discs, DVDs und CDs, although yes sir no support weil das SACD or DVD-Audio. It handles Dolby True HD and DTS HD master Audio von course, and also MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and DSD. On die video next you tun können play MKV, WMV und AVCHD via Wi-Fi and USB.

The most amazing stuff zu sein accessed through die deck’s internet connection. You kann visit a variety von streaming services, including Netflix, bbq iPlayer, amazonas Video, demand 5, bbc News, YouTube und Spotify, plus approximately 20 lesser-known apps. A decent, if notfall exhaustive an option – itv Hub and All4 would have been nice..The BDP-S6700 can deshalb be supplied as part of a multiroom system, streaming CDs und USB music zu speakers an other rooms utilizing Sony’s SongPal link smartphone app. The deck is deshalb DLNA compliant, which means you kann sein play media files from PCs and NAS cd driver on your residence network. Miracast screen mirroring display screens your smartphone on your TV.

Sign up kommen sie Sony’s PlayStation jetzt service und you can play a vast selection des games on the BDP-S6700, streamed a indigenous a cloud-based platform. You’ll need a wireless DualShock 4 controller.

Sony BDP-S6700 – Operation

Fire up ns player and you’re greeted über the same simple, welcome home screen as tonnage year’s players, based approximately a series des tiles. You can easily include or remove your favourite apps zum quick access – to search the full choice click on ‘All Apps’ at the top. Three more tiles on the home screen let freundin access ns loaded disc, linked devices and screen mirroring. Ns thorough setup menu is accessed at the top von the screen. Weirdly, ns Media Server option (for DLNA playback) no on the home screen über default and has zu be added manually.

That aside, ns streamlined menu entwurf makes that remarkably easy to find the content you’re looking for, which continues wie you start exploring DLNA devices. Die clear, uncluttered menu structure lists her albums and songs clearly und scrolls with them surprisingly quickly too.

In fact, whether you’re flicking between menus or exploring online content, the deck’s operation system zu sein remarkably fast thanks to the dual-core processor and dual eis Wi-Fi under die bonnet. It deshalb boots up an a few seconds und loads Blu-ray discs quickly, with most platters beginning playback in ~ 20 seconds.

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There’s in excellent remote in the box, v thoughtfully i ordered it rubber keys and clear labelling. Ns perfectly placed direction pad makes menu hyperplasia a cinch, while dedicated Home, Bluetooth and Netflix knoten come in handy. Its compact shape sits comfortably an your hand. Top marks all round.

Alternatively you kann sein use Sony’s TV SideView app to control die player, browse in online EPG, watch YouTube video or accessibility DLNA content. I like ns clean, an easy layout and didn’t have any troubles making it talk to the deck.

Sony BDP-S6700 – Performance

For all die razzle dazzle elsewhere, die BDP-S6700 doesn’t lose sight of its main job – namely making her Blu-ray arsenal look as great as possible. 

Load up star Wars die Force Awakens on Blu-ray und the Sony’s experienced 4K upscaling makes ns disc’s gorgeous transfer really shine. The bildern are remarkably sharp und punchy early out to ns stable detail, interlocutor colours and deep blacks.

Jakku landscapes space drizzled in fine, sandy textures, add to you kann sein see ns painstaking detail on ns costumes und faces des creatures punkt Niima Outpost. Every object zu sein focused, sharply drawn and almost three-dimensional.

There’s a gorgeous sense of depth und solidity to ns image, which zugriffszeiten home when Rey and Finn board ns Millennium Falcon. Die faithfully recreated interiors look chunky und textured, enhanced von the player’s smooth tonal gradation and punchy blacks. 

Meanwhile darker scenes aboard the stern Destroyer have a rich, cinematic character, remaining true to ns look JJ Abrams wanted von shooting top top film. The lights on the consoles punch through die murky background and Phasma’s chrome fit gleams.

Of course, having seen what UHD Blu-ray has to offer – more comprehensive contrast, much better colours, greater einzelheiten – Blu-ray zu sein no longer ns pinnacle des picture quality. But if you’re not ready to make die move then the Sony’s upscaled 4K pictures certainly make a superb stopgap.

Upscaled DVDs deshalb boast stable detail and minimal noise, if streamed video is so impressive. The town hall a selection of HD movie trailers und shows on YouTube, the deck suppresses artefacts prefer mosquito und block noise brilliantly – a benefit des Sony’s IP Noise palliation Pro. 

On a final grad pair von presets adjust ns settings zum daytime and night-time viewing, accessed von pressing ns ‘Options’ button on die remote.


Should i buy the Sony BDP-S6700?

If you’re not quite prepared for extremistin HD Blu-ray and want a good quality 4K upscaler to fill die gap, then die BDP-S6700 is a fantastic choice. It sends crisp, punchy hi-def pictures zu your TV while offering a generosity range des features und a slick, welcoming operating system. Ns slim, compact entwurf makes that perfect for bedrooms.

More catch-up TV apps wouldn’t go amiss und build quality could be better zum the money, but in all various other respects, the BDP-S6700 is pretty much as good as budget plan Blu-ray players get.

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Sony BDP-S6700 – Verdict

The design could it is in better, yet otherwise die BDP-S6700 is a terrific Blu-ray deck through generous features, impressive pictures und a fast, user-friendly operation system.