Sony Hdr-Cx405 Test

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Design: Compact und lightweight

The Sony HDRCX405 shares ns same basic design cues des other devices in the Handycam line, with a cylindrical body, big lens, flip out LCD display, and in adjustable hand strap. Ns lens zu sein a little bit smaller than the entwurf of die camera could lead you zu believe, und it’s surprise behind a hand-operated lens cover.

The top von the HDRCX405 features a simple toggle to zoom in and out, and a taste for snapping blieb photos. The zoom toggle and the photo taste are both well placed for easy operation with the index finger. Ns record button is placed on the rückseitig of ns unit, whereby you kann tap it v your thumb.

It so has a handy mode that records a stable stream of ausblüten images whenever you recording.

The hand strap conceals a complete sized USB cable, which you kann use to plug die video camera into a computer. Ns same cable ist used kommen sie charge ns battery. It’s fairly short, und it’s permanently associated to the camcorder.

The display screen flips the end from the right side of the camcorder. Since die HDRCX405 has actually no viewfinder, this is the just way to keep track of what you recording. Behind die display, you’ll uncover a speaker, in HDMI port, and bei SD map slot.

Setup: Ready kommen sie go out des the box

There is very little setup kommen sie speak of with the HDRCX405. After ~ inserting die battery and flipping open the display, the prompts you to enter ns time und day. Sie then need to insert an SD card zum storage, after which freundin can anfang filming best away.

The battery arrived without a whole last of charge, deswegen make sure zu take that into consideration.

* / Jeremy Laukkonen

Display: bright enough for outdoor use

The HDRCX405 functions a flip-out 2.7-inch display screen that’s shining enough zu see an most light conditions, but appears a little bit dim outside in full sun. Ns display no a touchscreen, which is definitely an area whereby Sony reduced some corners zu save money. Instead of a touchscreen, freundin get a joystick nub that’s located to ns left of the display. Ns nub allows you zu navigate menu options, und you click it kommen sie make her selections.

Once flipped out, the display is capable of rotating 180 levels counterclockwise or 90 degrees clockwise. The counterclockwise rotation is ziehen um if freundin want zu take a selfie, while ns clockwise rotation ist fantastic if sie want to hold die camera up over her head und still lakers what you’re filming.

If sie flip ns display out with the lens hülle closed, a advantageous warning message appears on the screen. This is a quite touch, since die lens cover is manual, and it’s easy kommen sie forget around it. / Jeremy Laukkonen

Video Quality: colorful colors and image stabilization

Sony cut some corners an designing die HDRCX405, but videos quality wasn’t on the chopping block. This camera allows you zu record 50 Mbps 1080p full HD videobilien at 60p/50p bei progressive recording mode, und it supports die MP4, AVCHD, und XAVC s codecs. This zu sein all supported von that an excellent 26.8mm broad angle ZEISS lens, und the exact same Exmor r CMOS sensor found bei the HDRCX405’s an ext expensive predecessor.

Out bei the echt world, those specifications translate to surprisingly great video zum such bei inexpensive video camera. Videos recorded in 1080p in full light ist reasonably sharp, with in acceptable level des detail and vibrant color. Quality dips in some bright conditions, und there’s a bit more noise than we’d like kommen sie see in lower light, but die HDRCX405 performs fairly well overall weil das a camera in its price range.

Since this device zu sein positioned together a camera zum beginners und kids, bild stabilization can really come an handy.

The HDRCX405 so includes built-in image stabilization, which is a really nice touch weil das a budget videobilien camera. Because this device zu sein positioned as a camera zum beginners and kids, image stabilization kann really come an handy.

Of note ist that the video quality will vary widely based on die settings sie choose. Ns camera is pretty good weist setting jene automatically if freundin turn that auswahl on, but die video top quality suffers if you choose ns wrong record size und type.

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There is also an auswahl to record bei two different modes simultaneously. This enables you kommen sie easily record an full HD weil das posterity, while easily generating a much smaller file that you tun können share online.

Photo Quality: doppelt record mode kommen sie snap photos while sie shoot video

This zu sein a video camera, notfall a digital camera, however it kann actually pull double duty an a pinch. That same great Exmor ns CMOS sensor, und the 26.8 vast angle ZEISS lens, and the ability to capture 9.2 MP blieb images every combine zu allow die HDRCX405 zu take some surprisingly decent photos weil das a machine that isn’t intended specifically zum that purpose.

This camera actually has actually two modes, permitting you to switch on die fly betwee recording video und snapping photos. It so has a handy, mobiltelefon mode that records a secure stream of still images whenever you recording.

Dual record mode works wie man you’re recording bei interlaced mode, where any given blieb of ns video isn’t going kommen sie look really good, deshalb it’s a an excellent way zu pull out picture-perfect snaps if you’re making use of that mode. / Jeremy Laukkonen

Zoom: Both optical and digital

The 26.8mm wide angle lens isn’t fixed, deshalb the HDRCX405 zu sein able kommen sie achieve a respectable 27x optical zoom that’s nice zu see bei a videos camera in this price range. Und if that isn’t fairly enough, it so features a 54x digital zoom.

Digital zooms constantly results an pictures that are less clear early to die way that they crop und enlarge video, but the HDRCX405 functions Sony’s Clear image Zoom. Instead of simply cropping and enlarging the video, that able kommen sie look at patterns bei neighboring pixels und make intelligent guesses around what the neu pixels have to look like. It no perfect, yet it functions surprisingly well.

Software: Works v Sony PlayMemories

Connect her Handycam to a computer system via ns USB cable, and you tun können use Sony’s complimentary PlayMemories residence software zu manage your videos und photos. This free software enables you to view, edit und share photos und videos, publish photos, and even edit your own movies from multiple clips.

The challenge detection feature zu sein able zu determine wie people space present an a shot von looking for faces. It then optimizes the focus, exposure, und color settings zu give you the best possible results.

The smile detection allows the camera to determine when the subject von a photo ist smiling, deswegen it tun können capture snapshots at nur the right moment. It’s even able to engage wie man you’re record video, enabling you to snap an excellent photos without switching modes.

Price: Hard kommen sie beat

With bei MSRP des $179.99, die Sony HDRCX405 Handycam is priced to own. You tun können get better videobilien quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other progressed features if you’re willing to pay more, but the HDRCX405 is an excellent little camera punkt this price.

Competition: Better videos quality und features, but notfall at this price

Canon VIXIA HF R800: With in MSRP des $249.99, and typically retailing an the neighborhood des $219.99, die VIXIA HF R800 represents in upgrade over the Sony HDRCX405 in many respects. Die VIXIA comes v a touchscreen display screen that’s nur a little bit larger, ns CMOS sensor is a little bit better weist 3.28 Megapixel, and it also has a slightly far better optical zoom.

The VIXIA lacks die HDRCX405’s face and smile detection, deswegen it’s ausblüten the better choice zum beginners who can really benefit from the automated optimization that happens anytime a face ist detected.

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder Review

Sony HDRCX440 Handycam: die successor to die CX330 has bei MSRP of $269.99 und actually share a totality lot in common through the viel less high value HDRCX405. They oase the same ZEISS lens, die same sensor, and the very same non-touchscreen display.

Where die HDRCX405 shines, und the reason you may want to take a look punkt it, zu sein connectivity. It consists of both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity constructed right in, deswegen you don’t have to hook that up to your computer system physically to lieferung files. It deshalb features a livestream role that enables you kommen sie stream directly from ns camera to ns internet.

Final Verdict

A lightweight camcorder it is priced right zum kids and beginners.

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The Sony HDRCX405 Handycam is in aggressively priced wenig camcorder that’s feather light und easy zu use. That a kind option for beginners, kids, und anyone who desires a competent videobilien camera without a massive preis tag, however look in other places if freundin want wireless connectivity.