Sony smartwatch 3 iphone kompatibel

Are there any features the I bei der going to fehlschlagen on ns iPhone? (Facebook & other notifications, speak to notifications, messages, music playback, Maps etc.)

Can ich side fill apps? (spotify & various other apps v iOS support?) If yes, how?

Will it get android Wear 2.0?

Thank freundin very much, in advance.

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I got an iPhone 6S und a SW3, so your watch is only good for receiving calls(answer climate pickup phone), city hall notifications, steuerung music und using google now. So you do acquire updates and it zu sein ofc compatible.

Just remember freundin won't get für hilfe the features sie do top top Android und I oase tested this. You tun können side fill watch faces yet watchmaker or facer encounters are at sight complicated zu side load.

It works, yet I oase to tell freundin that I schutz used that exact same setup (iphone 6+sw3) but sadly i had last of difficulties with bluetooth, that keeps droping connection. I dont know if the belästigung is ns iphone's software program (latest version) or if mine phone have hardware bluetooth issues. I came back to my old LG g2 und everything works fine.

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You oase to keep the android wear app open in the background weil das a stable connection since iOS tries kommen sie kill die process otherwise.

I own in SW3. Right here are mine 2 cents:

Android stay probably won't get new updates on the sw3

You can unlock die bootloader easily, but cannot quickly reflash a roden rom (due to die general unavailability des a stange rom zum the sw3)

It's extremely durable, however has battery drain problems (which i resolved von unlocking die bootloader and flashing a tradition kernel)

The watch band can in theory be replaced with another, so long as the only various other one freundin want is the precise one the comes v it, because no other ones are conveniently available

ios integration on android wear typically sucks und lacks many des the ideal features of android integration (voice command ist highly limited, texting unavailable, poor anwendung integration)

I'd get a pebble instead; they at least can send sms (at least, if sie are v verizon or t-mobile)

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Great give thanks to you zum the feedback. Just how do freundin know that die SW3 won't get Wear 2.0? A last of civilization think otherwise.

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