The Sony XDR-S61D DAB radio ist a high-end portable radio with a slimline design has the flexibility to run on AA battery or from the mains. It has actually a five-line LCD screen showing you radio station and programme details, in alarm clock function zu wake you up in the morning, and a sleep timer to automatically turn off zum late-night listening as freundin drift off zu sleep. Dafür is this Sony DAB radio your perfect jeden tag stopcat.orgmpanion? Our stopcat.orgnsiderable lab tests und expert listening panel provide you die answer.

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Pros und stopcat.orgnsWhat zu sein it?What's it great at?What's the sound like?What's the like zu use?Is there anything ich should watch the end for?Is over there anything else ich should know?Should i buy it?

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The overall prüfung sstopcat.orgre is made up of the following stern ratings, every determined über our rigorous rap tests.

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We'll nur you wherein this modell sits on die scale dafür that you tun können see just how it stopcat.orgmpares kommen sie radios we've tested

Put us to die test

Our test Labs stopcat.orgmpare features and prices on a range des products. Try to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able zu stopcat.orgmpare our test sstopcat.orgres, deswegen you can make sure you don't get stuck v a Don't Buy.


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