Space Invaders (Film)

space Invaders Movie Will notfall Be A classic Invasion Story, says Writer Mortal Kombat writer Greg Russo says an are Invaders is blieb alive punkt Warner Bros. And reveals his adaptation won"t be a classic alien invasion story.

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Space intruders Movie Will notfall Be A classic Invasion Story, says Writer
Warner Bros." Space Invaders movie writer says ns adaptation will notfall be a standard alien intrusion story. One of the zuerst true video game classics, Space Invaders arrived in arcades around ns world in 1978. Ns simple however addictive game then came to be a must-have cartridge weil das the Atari 2600 house system.

Like most classic ‘80s videos games Space Invaders has actually naturally gone through multiple iterations over die years, popping hoch on assorted consoles and in recent mal making that way zu mobile gaming. The game has deshalb shown up in movies, many memorably Fast times at Ridgemont High, Terminator 2: referee Day und Adam Sandler’s Pixels. In actual movie adaptation des Space Invaders didn’t end up being a possibility until 2011 wie Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura began advance on a film. In 2015, Dan Kunka signed on zum the task of writing a manuscript based on ns very simplistic addressed shooter game. Die most recent update on the long-gestating task revealed composing duties had actually been handed off to Greg Russo with Akiva Goldsman producing weil das Warner Bros..

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Speaking to We got This Covered zu promote die upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, Russo gave an update on Space Invaders und confirmed it’s indeed still alive. Russo climate dropped a hint about what the wants kommen sie do with his adaptation und indicated he no planning on writing die standard Roland Emmerich-style invasion movie:

Space Invaders ist over hinweisen Warner Bros., and it’s at neu Line, too, ns same kind of crew that put together Mortal Kombat, and that’s one I’m yes, really excited about. That’s a movie when i approached it ich was like, ‘I don’t want kommen sie do independence Day.’ That was basically, ich think the was die one thing ich said, ‘I nothing want zu do the invasion movie I’ve seen 100 times.’ and so zum me, it was about recognize a new way into that title, which ich think is going zu really blow human being away expectations-wise and they’re walking to see something that hopefully they no expecting, deswegen I’m excited for it.

Tackling an additional iconic videos game franchise have to be no belästigt for Russo after that wrote the script zum the highly-anticipated Mortal Kombat movie about zu hit theaters. As an extra advantage weil das Russo und company bei developing Space Invaders, it’s actually hard to imagine what together a movie need to look and feel like. Ns game zu sein indeed dafür basic that a writer might go practically anywhere. Judging by his new comments, it appears Russo is uninterested bei the classic premise wherein a group of aliens shows up on earth and must be battled off von humans (which more-or-less zu sein what the game offers).

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But if Russo no going kommen sie deliver in Independence Day-style alien invasion movie, what exactly ist he looking to create through Space Invaders? A direct tie-in with die video game is one possibility, possibly something in the style des The tonnage Starfighter wherein a Space Invaders player ends up battling aliens. Every little thing Russo ends hoch doing with die movie, that a same bet over there won’t it is in a place zum a wollen Smith-style gung-ho hero punching extra-terrestrials in the face. That being said, Independence Day no after all such a bad model for bei alien intrusion movie together the film did huge boxen office business und helped to define die genre. But Russo need to nonetheless be applauded for at the very least trying to dream trost something new and unexpected as he tackles adapting Space Invaders.