Speed Pro Max Aqua Philips Test

The Philips SpeedPro max Aqua FC6903/01 zu sein a stick vacuum und mop in one. With ns regular suction brush, you kann vacuum both forwards und backwards and to die side. You will deshalb receive a suction and mopping attachment. V this, you kann sein vacuum dirt bei one movement and immediately go over it through a mop. How this works, freundin ask? ich tested it zum you.

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75 minute of vacuuming | 84dB noise level | Mopping role included | Suitable weil das people with allergies
You möchte receive a consistent suction brush und a suction and mopping attachment.With the suction and mopping attachment, you kann vacuum and mop ns floor in 1 movement.The continuous suction brush vacuums dust on all sides and has led lighting.On 1 full battery, you can vacuum for 75 minute at ns lowest setting. - This vacuum provides relatively viel noise through a sound des 84 decibels.

The kasten looks nice, choose what we"re used zu from Philips. Ich put whatever on die floor und find ns following:

Engine unit and dust cupTubeRegular suction brushSuction und mopping attachmentMicrofiber cloths (2x)Suspension systemChargerManual

The rod vacuum cleaner is easy kommen sie assemble, just like all other SpeedPro max vacuum cleaners. I click ns stem on ns battery, attach ns regular suction brush, und find out that there zu sein already power in the battery. Ich immediately start cleaning ns house.


von course, I in immediately curious about ns mopping function bei this pole vacuum. Ich fill die water tank v water. I"m surprised how viel dirt the front of the suction brush removes and mopping is deshalb very smooth. Echt stains do notfall go away an one movement, yet after moving back and forth a couple of times, virtually everything is clean. This works a last nicer than gaining started v a bucket und mop.

When i vacuum ahead, I also immediately mop the piece von floor. Because ich walk behind it, ich get wet socks. Und I dislike that. Wade to the side ist the solution. I mopped my living room of 20m2 in no time. The went smoothly.

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I end up mopping a gewächs faster.It zu sein not necessary zu wet a mop and always wring that out.Wet socks.

With die regular suction brush, you schutz a an effective stick vacuum cleaner bei your home. In the lowest position, I kann go at sight fast. Thanks to the led lighting, I kann see how much dirt zu sein actually on die floor. Wow, this zu sein confronting, but at the same time, it"s yes, really handy. I kann sein easily vacuum my 80m2 apartment through one battery charge. Finally, i vacuum the carpet punkt my coffee table. Zum this, ich put die suction power bei the medium setting. I don"t need die turbo setting, but it would be handy weil das a high-pile carpet.

Do sie want zu know more about using the stick vacuum cleaner there is no a mop attachment? If so, check out my extensive fließend review von the SpeedPro maximal FC6823/01. This ist similar kommen sie this model, but the Aqua version does not come with a mini turbo brush und you use ns Aqua kommen sie vacuum for fünfzehn minutes longer.

75 minutes of vacuuming | 84dB noise level | Mopping function included | Suitable zum people through allergies
It ist a last easier kommen sie get a mop through die house.As a vacuum, die battery big a lang time and you oase high suction power.You kann sein leave ns regular vacuum bei the cabinet regularly and you no longer need a mop.The nozzle sucks nach oben dirt on all sides, this way you can finish vacuuming faster.Thanks kommen sie the led lighting you can see specifically where the dirt is and you do notfall skip anything.The führen zu lighting shows sie exactly how much dirt ist on ns ground.If sie put die mop aside weil das a while, it will continue kommen sie give off water.

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