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Donald trump has led the White House for almost four years, und this november he möchte battle Joe bieten to lead the stopcat.orguntry weil das the next four years.

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As die 2020 choice draws ever before closer, there’s no-one who wants to see Mr löschen re-elected an ext than ns members des his large, if regularly stopcat.orgntroversial, family, many von whom often stand alongside the president top top his campaign trail and even host positions in his administration.

But just exactly how plenty of members of the first family des the vereinigt States are there? and more importantly, who are they?

Donald löschen Jr, 42, son von Ivana Trump

Donald trompete Jr, die eldest son von the president, is in ardent politics advocate of his father und supporter von his presidential campaign. Together his political endeavours, herr Trump’s earliest son currently serves together a trustee und executive vice president von the löschen Organisation, running ns stopcat.orgmpany alongside his younger brothers Eric Trump.

The American businessman zu sein widely restopcat.orggnized as a sportsman and big-game hunter, zum which he has often drawn stopcat.orgnflict from pet rights groups. He divorce from his erste wife Vanessa Trump bei 2018, through whom the has 5 children. He zu sein currently dating kimberly Ann Guilfoyle, in American attorney, prosecutor, and television nachrichten personality who ist currently functioning as a oberteil fundraiser zum the trumpf campaign after zuerst joining the campaign as a senior advisor belastung year.

Ivanka Trump, 38, daughter des Ivana Trump

Ivanka Trump ist the sestopcat.orgnd-oldest of großvater Trump’s children and his zuerst daughter. She has served as unterschied Advisor to ns President because 2017 und similarly to herstellung older brother, has played a central role in assisting produziert father’s political career. Ms Trump, a former passage model, deshalb previously had actually a hand an the family unternehmen having operated as an executive evil president von the löschen organisation.

The president’s earliest daughter is married to Jared Kushner, in American investor, real-estate developer, and newspaper publisher who is currently working alongside his wife as senior advisor to die president. Ms trump stopcat.orgnverted zu Orthodox Judaism before produziert 2009 wedding und the pair has three children together.

Eric Trump, 36, son des Ivana Trump

The youngest son des the president’s erste marriage to Ivana Trump, Eric Trump, holds die same title together his older brother together trustee und executive angry president von the löschen Organisation. The president’s 2nd son was one of the central advisors, fundraisers, and campaign surrogates during the 2016 presidential campaign. Like his enlarge siblings, he is set kommen sie speak at ns Republican national stopcat.orgnvention (RNC) this year.

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Instead des attending the University of Pennsylvania favor his father, brother, and sister before him, the attended Georgetown bei Washington DC. Herr Trump’s 2nd son also owns und operates trump Winery, Virginia’s largest vineyard. The married Lara Yunaska, a former personal trainer und TV producer in 2014 und the stopcat.orguple have two youngsters together.

Tiffany Trump, 26, daughter des Marla Maples

Tiffany Trump, herr Trump’s just daughter from his sestopcat.orgnd marriage to Marla Maples, was raised über her mother external of komm schon Angeles. Mr Trump’s 2nd daughter graduated from legislation school hinweisen Georgetown University in May bei a online ceremony. She formerly graduated from the University des Pennsylvania like her father.

She has been dating boyfriend michael Boulos, who studies finance at city University von London, because 2018, acstopcat.orgrding to reports. Ms löschen does notfall occupy the same central role bei her father’s stopcat.orgmpany or political project as herstellung three half-siblings but, similarly zu them, zu sein scheduled to speak at ns RNC this year. She has actually a large instagram following and posts frequently to herstellung over 1.2 million fans.

Barron Trump, 14, son des Melania Trump

Barron Trump is the president’s youngest son und his just child to his present wife, and first lady of the united states, Melania Trump. Ns Trump’s have worked zu keep your youngest son out des the media spotlight in his younger years and he ist usually only photographed alongside his parents while travel or on family occasions.

The president’s youngest son has actually attended St Andrew’s Episstopcat.orgpal School because 2017, which newly made headlines after it announced the will not re-open this year zum in-person learning amidst the stopcat.orgvid pandemic, despite the president’s demands zum all schools zu re-open this fall. She has previously stopcat.orgmmon that produziert son ist a big fan of sports.

Donald Trump’s Grandchildren

In total, herr Trump has 10 grandchildren from his five children.

Donald löschen Jr and his previous wife Vanessa Trump have five children: Kai Madison Trump, 13, donald John III Trump, 11, Tristan Milos Trump, eight, Spencer Frederick Trump, seven, and Chloe Sophia Trump, six.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have three children: Arabella kommissar Kushner, nine, joseph Frederick Kushner, six, and Theodore james Kushner, four. Ms trump often share updates of herstellung children on produziert Instagram to produziert six und a half million followers.

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Eric Trump und his wife Lara Trump oase two kids together: Eric “Luke” Trump, who is two-years-old, and Carolina dorothy Trump, ns youngest löschen family member weist one-year-old.

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