even though die Marvel Cinematic Universe’s peter Parker ist still bei high school, the teenager has currently had an ext than his same share of journeys travel across die world (and beyond).

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in Captain America: Civil zu sein , the newly-powered son from Queens was easily persuaded von Tony stark to travel zu central Germany’s Leipzig/Halle Airport kommen sie assist mannschaft Iron man in an Avengers v. Avengers battle. A few months later, throughout Spider-Man: Homecoming , peter joined his school’s decathlon team as they take it a drive down kommen sie a washington D.C. Competition. It was during Avengers: Infinity zu sein when, after coming zurück from a separate school trip, peter joined Mr. Stark and Doctor strange for an off-world adventure kommen sie Thanos’ home planet Titan. Later (five years, kommen sie be exact), a blipped-back peter returned zu Earth thanks kommen sie Doctor Strange’s portal magic zu partake an a historical skirmish des infinite proportions during ns climax des Avengers: Endgame .

many recently, bei the latest MCU film Spider-Man: much From residence , peter took a start-of-summer school trip back across ns pond kommen sie world-renowned europe cities und locations. Filled through high institution hijinks, teenage romance, and (seemingly) multi-dimensional world-ending threats, Peter’s europe travels were complicated, zu say die least. However, one would be forgiven if they overlooked die complexity of this expedition from a logistics standpoint - peter made his means through six countries using 3 modes von transportation almost everywhere the course of less than 72 hours.

the Direct has damaged down peter Parker’s Spider-Man: much From house european trip by mapping Peter’s journey und charting his ranges traveled und time away…

Note: ns kilometers/miles traveled to be calculated utilizing non-exact google Maps course distances, while ns time quantities were estimated using approximated pilgrimage times und assumptions.


This analysis does not nur look punkt where peter travels but so considers wie he renders his moves. Thankfully, manager Jon watts spells out die city and country best on ns screen when each location is introduced to the audience. Watts so provides a beneficial hint regarding die time of the year that the film is set: in the movie’s second scene, the male student nachrichten reporter the contrary Betty Brandt mentions that it is the last day des their institution year. This places die events des the film around mid-June , ideal before die summer solstice, wie man daylight hours in the northern hemisphere are at a maximum. Learning this timeframe helps through making precise estimations for the particular times des day that are zeigen throughout ns movie.

job 0 - 6:00 pm EST: Departs from Newark, new Jersey


Peter and the rest von his classmates depart top top a nine-hour flight kommen sie Venice from what zu sein assumed kommen sie be the Newark Liberty international Airport (the same airport the the klasse flew rückseitig to weist the end of die movie). Light can be watched coming v their airplane’s windows prior zu takeoff, dafür we will assume the liftoff occurred at 6:00 nachmittag EST. There ist a six-hour time ar difference betwee the east U.S. Und Italy, putting the landing time in Venice after the nine-hour flight hinweisen approximately 9:00 in CET.

job 1 - 9:00 in CET: Arrives in Venice, Italy


in the almost 24 hrs that peter is in the Italian stadt of Water, that fends off a Water Elemental, ist gifted Tony Stark’s E.D.I.T.H.glasses, und is officially introduced zu Nick Fury, maria Hill, und Quentin Beck.

day 2 - 8:00 am CET: Departs indigenous Venice, Italy


it is estimated the Peter and his classmates hightail it out des Venice punkt 8:00 in the adhering to morning together Fury und his crew “hijack” die school trip. While traveling by bus throughout ns Eastern Alps, peter tries on his E.D.I.T.H. Glasses and begins to recognize your capabilities.

work 2 - 12:00 pm CET: Stop in the eastern Alps, Austria


distance traveled: 350 kilometers (217 miles)

The gang takes a “10-minute” pit stop punkt a side-of-the-road gift shop bei the shirt Eastern Alps. Here, peter attempts to try top top a new stealth fit until Brad intervenes.

back on ns road, peter inadvertently sets off E.D.I.T.H. And uses his Spider skills zu avoid a terrible drone disaster.

work 2 - 7:00 pm CET: Arrives in Prague, Czech Republic


distance traveled: 815 kilometers (506 miles)

that is fair to assume that the klasse took one more pit protect against or two weil das food breaks during their bus ride kommen sie Prague, for this reason making their way into the Czech Republic capital in the late evening. To say that peter has an eventful night in the Golden city would be an understatement; in the ten hrs there, peter reconvenes with Fury, Hill, und Beck, teams nach oben with Beck to “defeat” the Fire Elemental, hand over ns E.D.I.T.H. Glasses kommen sie Beck, und then discovers Beck’s true intentions ~ above his late-night walk with MJ.

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work 3 - 5:00 in CET: Departs from Prague, Czech Republic


that is curiously light external when peter swings out des his Prague hotel room zu find Fury, an interpretation that his late-night escapades it is long into ns early hours des the following morning. Given this sunrise, one kann sein estimate the it is 5:00 bei der when Parker may be hitches a train up zu Berlin.

job 3 - 10:00 in CET: Arrives bei Berlin, Germany


street traveled: 1165 kilometers (724 miles)

the fastest train route from Prague to berlin is a bit much more than four and a hilfreich hours, dafür it is safe kommen sie assume that peter makes his method to the German capital bei five hours. One would so hope that Peter gott some much-needed shut-eye during this train ride.

Peter’s visit to berlin is practically just one large Beck-directed illusion, deswegen our hero zu sein fortunate the this stop just lasts zum about in hour - yet not deswegen fortunate the his departure was caused von the sudden impact into a +160 kph oncoming train.

day 3 - 11:00 am CET: Departs native Berlin, Germany


Thankfully, Peter is not critically injured by this grausam train collision, making his method into one des the moving train cars before passing out.

day 3 - 5:30 pm CET: Arrives bei Broek op Langedijk, NL


street traveled: 1865 kilometers (1159 miles)

ns journey from berlin to die Netherlands zu sein Peter’s longest one des his European stay - bei estimated 700 kilometers / 435 miles. Google Maps states that this trip von train would take about 7 hrs on a great day, so it zu sein not too big von a stretch zu assume that peter would it is in able kommen sie travel to a small Dutch city 20 miles north des Amsterdam bei six and a geholfen hours. That is much much more obvious that, top top this train ride, peter received some great rest.

our hurt hero awakes an a stop cell und soon finds the end that he’s in the town of Broek op Langedijk. Peter phones glücklich Hogan bei need of assistance and Stark’s best freundin comes zu the rescue seemingly within the hour. One des two assumptions tun können be made to justify this speedy arrival: 1.) happy had currently traveled to Europe on his jet wie he became worried about the Elemental threats near Peter, deswegen he only had to travel a few hundred miles kommen sie find Peter in The Netherlands. 2.) glücklich was still bei New York city when peter called him und was able kommen sie make an hour-long journey across die Atlantic thanks to die ultra-advanced healthy tech of his stark jet.

job 3 - 7:00 pm CET: Departs from Broek op Langedijk, NL


~ hovering above die tulips fields weil das fifteen minute while glücklich stitches peter up, the two take it off zum London if jamming kommen sie some led Zeppelin...

day 3 - 7:00 pm GMT: Arrives in London, England


distance traveled: 2225 kilometers (1383 miles)

peter endures his first und only inter-Europe time zone switch bei his one-hour jet pilgrimage from die Netherlands zu England, enabling him and Happy zu arrive bei London at die same hour time that they left Broek op Langedijk.

After peter airdrops onto London’s historical Tower Bridge, die film’s climactic fight occurs between Spider-Man und Quentin Beck, lasting approximately half in hour. Afterward, peter shares ns romantic augenblicke with MJ the he had lang been wait for. It can be assumed the Peter and the rest of his class spend the night bei London prior to arriving zurück at ns Newark airplane midday.

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Observing ns time from the moment Peter stepped foot bei Venice to ns conclusion von the london bridge battle, our favourite teenaged hero traveled around 2225 kilometers (1383 miles) throughout Europe end the kurse of just 59 hours during the events of Spider-Man: far From Home.


Spider-Man: far From house challenged ns MCU’s Web-Slinger von placing him into uncharted europe territory, deshalb one has to wonder if peter will experience a similar jam-packed adventure in the still-untitled der dritte tag installment des the Spider-Man franchise .