I've been trying zu log an on computer but ich keep getting fehler code auth:2 saying the my username or password zu sein wrong. I schutz tried restarting mine PC, reinstalling through the fenstern store und using die regular installer, I schutz tried resetting mine password multiple times and nothing works. I in 100% certain both my password and username room correct. I bei der about to pull my hair the end over here.

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I schutz this issue auch - i was using ns desktop app, and it became unusable a couple of hours ago.

Cannot log an on any device, browser, or desktop computer app. "Auth:2" is the verfehlt code on the app. No fixes ~ above the internet work (hosts file, DNS flush, etc)

I schutz the very same issue. The works in my browser und on mine phone, but in the desktop app at first I couldn't pat any lied or anything, climate after ich tried to login there was Error code auth:2. after reinstalling there's no change.

Forgot zu check back here!

I "solved" this myself von changing mine password and logging in again.

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Turns out my account gott "flagged" because ich was jumping around locations with my VPN.

The just solution was zu make a neu password and sign in from scratch. No issues since.

i understand it's to be 4 month since u created this however i oase the same belästigt with loging in into my account on fenster app und web but not on mine phone i'm guessing ns reason is i was utilizing vpn, yet how do ich fix it? i've adjusted my pass 4 zeit n it didn't work.

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This just happened kommen sie me today. I gott "error code: auth:2". I checked my email and apparently spotify resets her password if castle suspect any kind of "suspicious activity" deswegen all i had to do was reset mine passcode an the e-mails they sent out me und it permit me log bei again. Hope this helps!

I had this issue manually logging right into my account, but i was able kommen sie get back bei using the verknüpfung to facebook (because apparently, manualy doing that won't work, you have to usage the link to facebook)


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