St Patricks Day München

This event was cancelled after ns Bavarian government issued a basic decree ~ above 10 march - originally until an excellent Friday, 19 april - prohibiting all occasions with more than 1000 people. This was done against ns background von slowing down ns spread von the coronavirus und not overburdening the health treatment system. In addition, state authorities oase recommended that occasions with between 500 and 1000 civilization be cancelled.

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You get much more informations to ns cancellation von the occasion on ns german news-page

When the irish celebrate, they perform it right: about St. Patrick’s Day, they verwandeln Munich right into one big, eco-friendly party. Celebrations were set zu kick off on die weekend des March 14/15, 2020, v music, dance, culture, and the large anniversary parade on Sunday. Yet because des the corona virus, the events to be postponed.

Thousands des visitors stand at ns side des the road watching the parade – dressed in green hats or glasses an the shape of the typical irish shamrock. Die parade ~ above Sunday is und remains die highlight von the celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day in Munich. Last year was even a record-breaker: 1,464 participants take it part bei the parade. Angeführt by the großartiger Marshal, ns approximately 60 groups went from Münchner kostenlos to Odeonsplatz.

In 2020, no fewer human being are expected kommen sie take part in the parade zum its 25th anniversary. Jene will obtain started together usual at noon, at münchner Freiheit. Traditionally, die parade zu sein attended von flag bearers and sports clubs, traditional costume clubs und folklore clubs. That makes zum a really green view when Guinness glasses, Highlanders, rugby players, middle ages fans, und leprechauns in march side von side through the streets.

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Foto: Immanuel Rahman

Of course, die Irish and the people des Munich don’t just celebrate during ns big parade on Sunday. Ns After-Parade party will be held punkt Odeonsplatz immediately afterwards. Die weekend will so be framed über a big program des events covering two days. Weil das example, there’s a street food festival punkt Odeonsplatz, wherein both culinary und musical specialties from ns Emerald Isle wollen be served.

On St. Patrick’s Day, in march 17, Munich will so glow green punkt night. Together part des the traditional, global “Greening” campaign, countless Munich buildings möchte once again shine an Irish eco-friendly as night falls. Tonnage year’s participants included the Olympiaturm, BMW Welt, and the bayerisch Staatsoper. Even ns Allianz arena has glowed a well-off green in the past.  But just because die lights walk out und the structures stop glowing green doesn’t typical that the irish are going zu bed. And certainly not the people of Munich, either. The celebration wollen continue with live music an Munich’s numerous irisch pubs until die early hours von the morning.

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Lots of sun and, of course, even more green: the St. Patrick’s work parade was quite ns event - music accompaniment über the paul Daly Band and star guest market Dieter Reiter. In a video, die mayor explains what connects Bavaria und Ireland - und why music is in integral part des it...

The celebrations an Munich date zurück to the year 1996. Zurück then, the organizers zum the zuerst parade an honor des Ireland’s patron saint expected around 300 civilization dressed an green kommen sie attend. Bei the end, much more than 3,000 civilization came. Instead of walking ~ above sidewalks, the irisch marched on Leopoldstrasse, which had actually been abruptly closed turn off – ns foundation for the years to kommen sie was laid. Because then, the irish holiday bei Munich has become the largest von its kind on ns European mainland.