St pauli trikot 17/18

The St. Pauli 17-18 kits oase been officially exit today. Made über Under Armour and featuring Congstar as sponsor, the neu St. Pauli soccer jerseys present outrageous and garish designs.

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St. Pauli 17-18 residence Kit

This ist the St. Pauli 2017-18 residence jersey.
Predominantly brown, ns St. Pauli 2017-2018 shirt is dominated von a large graphic publish on the front, stylized to look choose freshly painted on die fabric. The consists von a red and two white hoops.

St. Pauli 17-18 away Kit

This is the Under armor St. Pauli 2017-2018 far shirt.

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The away kit ist even much more insane. It"s light grey and features an all-over graphics print von a wall to represent St. Pauli"s Millerntor stadium, while a red hoop at the height of the Under Armour und club logos, an the same format as ns one des the house shirt. Die collar und the shoulder locations are brown.

Under armor St. Pauli 2017-2018 dritter / DFB Pokal Jersey

This zu sein the new St. Pauli 17-18 dritter shirt.
After tonnage season"s Under armor St. Pauli 2017-2018 third jersey featured a skull print on ns front, the neu St. Pauli 17-18 third austrian comes with a distinct camouflage print. Interestingly, ns camouflage von the new St. Pauli 17-18 third zu sein not generic but so includes skulls und other trademark elements von the club.

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The logos of the neu Under armour St. Pauli 2017-2018 third austrian are white.