Stadion 1 Fc Nürnberg

Grundig-Stadion (Current sponsorship name), more widely known as ns Frankenstadion is the home von FC Nuremberg, a team which at this time plays bei the Bundesliga. Ns 50,000 capacity ground hosted five games in the 2006 welt cup, many famously a match between the Netherlands und Portugal.

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OverviewTeam:Opened:Capacity:Address:Stadium NamesNames:Former Names:
1. FC Nürnberg
Max-Morlock-Platz 1, Nuremberg, Bavaria, 90471
Frankenstadion, Städtisches Stadion, stadion Nürnberg
Grundig stadien (2013–2016), easyCredit-Stadion (2006–2012), success Stadium 1945–1961)

FC Nuremberg zuerst opened bei 1928 with in impressive 50,000 capacity which made it one von the largest committed football stadiums an Germany. Die construction period führen zu by local architect Otto ernst Schweizer took 3 years kommen sie complete und the stadium was originally referred kommen sie as die Municipal stadion (Of Nuremberg). Developed on die site of a former nazi- Party rally ground, the politics may oase changed but ns famous octagonal form remains zu this day, despite countless refurbishments.

Post World war 2 die US army used ns stadium as their sports field mainly baseball und elected kommen sie call it “Victory Stadium” in that classically unclassy American way. Just under twenty years later in 1963, FC nieders decided zu relocate from your Spielstätte bei der Zabo floor into the Victory Stadium, through the nennen reverting zurück to ns original Municipal Stadium till 1991. Within a decade the club has actually finished the phase des expansion und a 1971 Match against Fortuna Dusseldorf set a new record attendance des 75,000.

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The city of Nuremberg declined the opportunity zu become one von the hosts of the 1974 world Cup, and subsequently the Municipal stadion missed the end on the wahrscheinlichkeit to receive further investment, und for ns next 13 year nothing readjusted until 1987 when a 4 year remodeling plan was implemented. Die addition von a roof und reconfiguration des the seating arrangements reduced ns capacity to just over 50,000 und the name was adjusted to fränkisch Stadium.

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When Germany had the gelegenheit to host die Fifa world Cup when again bei 2006, Nuremberg was this time involved bei the bid v Frankenstadion hosting four kopieren, gruppe matches and a knockout match bolzen Portugal and Holland with the Portugeuse to win 1 nil. The stadion underwent small renovation an 2004 and 2005 to prepare zum the major sporting event, and with ns improved reputation, sponsors bid zum naming rights to ns ground. Stadien Nuremberg was known as ns EasyCedit Stadium bolzen 2006-2013 and is right now known as die Grundig stadien after the electronics agency Until 2017.