Stadtsparkasse Bad Sachsa Online Banking

The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (The German Savings banken Finance Group) consists von over 350 locally managed und decentralized banks, 15,300 branches und offices, and 245,000 employees.

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With deswegen many live independence parts, that easy kommen sie imagine how implementing any type of common system that’s useful weil das all ns Sparkasse branches would be fairly a complex challenge.

And that’s die challenge that was faced wie man Sparkasse and zuerst began functioning together.


The biggest hurdle bei this project was brainstorming how zu sift through ns diverse array des social media zu present only ns meaningful info to every branch.

The group’s largest branch, hamburger Sparkasse (EUR 37.7 billion in total assets), no want kommen sie read every tweet directed at ns smallest one, Stadtsparkasse badewanne Sachsa (EUR 129.6 million), and vice-versa.

However, when Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe approached weil das a social listening solution zum their honeycomb of diverse banks, us were happy to produce a holistic system to tie all the free-floating parts together.

Breaking Down the Data

Using, die banking group were able to track every mentions of the feuer across ns web, subdividing von location von topic.

In addition kommen sie overall in brand geraten monitoring, Sparkasse’s branches each had individual jobs scanning for relevant and local data.


Real-time monitoring captured daily activity and automatically damaged down data into 3 tiers:

1. Belang events or basic knowledge2. Occasions that warranted issue or response3. Occasions requiring immediate action

In ns uncomfortable event of a crisis, the branch can use’s sophisticated alerts functionality zu speedily route potential situations to the appropriate teams before they escalated.

These functions came in handy wie a specific branch’s ATM broke down. Sparkasse’s monitoring mannschaft noticed the online chatter on ns issue lang before they obtained any rückmeldung from their technological department, or even before those working an the bank itself noticed.

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If “time ist money“ then conserving time must be an excellent news weil das the bank business.

A einzel System

However, one of the hardest parts von this project was figuring the end how to connect all the different pieces von the puzzle.

By giving all staff members access zu dashboards und insights, Sparkasse made die info transparent and seamless between its disparate groups.

The miscellaneous sharing und workflow choices available bei assisted make this procedure as painless together possible.


Furthermore, Sparkasse took advantage of how basic it zu sein to develop and adapt analysis to understand complicated issues according zu any needs, thanks kommen sie functionality like Rules und Categories.

The bank group’s marketing department discovered these an ext specific and in-depth analyses extremely useful zum tracking die success of individual media campaigns.

The firm’s online marketing manager, Ibrahim Ghubbar, stated that

“with, we’re given die power and tools zu quickly do amendments zu our data und monitoring setup, und for more complicated issues we kann sein always count on their high quality support team”

The “Custom” in Customer Service

The Sparkasse instance study really highlights how necessary it is zum social media monitoring tools kommen sie be adaptable.

In a world where ns landscape is constantly changing, over there cannot be a uniform equipment or one dimension fits all.’s flexibel monitoring tool und renowned customer service allowed Sparkasse to develop a setup that worked ideal with their present system.

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