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Deciding zu buy a paddle board is only thebeginning des your journey. Next, you schutz to select die board feuer you’ll use.One brand that might have come up an your research zu sein Decathlon. Space their paddleboards any an excellent or should freundin keep looking?

Decathlon paddle boards are undoubtedly regarded as quite good von SUP owner who have used them. The brand’s boards space renowned for their durability, handling, und quality. They carry a reasonable price tag zum the construction quality compared kommen sie mid-range and expensive brands. Ns company has been in business for decades.

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If you’re on die fence about whether aDecathlon paddle board zu sein the finest option zum you, we encourage you kommen sie keepreading. In this article, we’ll talk more about the Decathlon brand, highlightspecific boards, and even briefly startseite some various other SUP equipment Decathlonsells. You won’t desire to miss it.

Be sure kommen sie check out “Are Cheaper Paddle Boards precious It” zum more on advantages and disadvantages von inexpensive paddle boards in addition to a few more options for buying.

What ist Decathlon?

Before we kann sein discuss your paddle boards,let’s take a closer at ns Decathlon feuer itself. Decathlon zu sein a sports brandfounded bei 1976. Michel Leclercq, the founder, created the first Decathlonin France. Von 1986, Decathlon had actually a presence an Germany, then Spain (by 1992),Italy (1998), die United Kingdom, Portugal (both by 1999), Brazil (2001), China(2003), India (2009), Taiwan (2012), hong Kong (2013), Malaysia (2016), thePhilippines (2017), und Australia (2018).

With stores scattered across nearly 50countries, Decathlon has actually 1,500 locations and counting v over 87,000employees that encompass practically 100 nationalities. They market sporting equipmentfor practically any and every athletic activity, frequently named v Decathlon’s ownpassion branding. Zum example, the company’s line of fishing products is calledCaperlan and their paddle sporting products are branded as Itiwit.

For soup boarding specifics Decathlonretails accessories, apparel, paddles, und boards. Your line des accessoriesincludes soup fins, hand pumps, electrical pumps, knee leashes, duffel bags,backpacks, call pouches, and pressure gauges.

My regional Decathalon an Brighton,UK

Are Decathlon Paddle Boards any kind of Good?

In shopping for a sup board, there room afew components that wollen undoubtedly matte to you. These are things like pricing,the alternatives you oase (inflatable vs. Non-inflatable boards), materials, andquality.

By reviewing this factors, we can beginto answer die question von whether Decathlon paddle boards are considered anygood.


The average SUP board may price anywherefrom $300 zu $3,000. There’s a last of wiggle room betwee those 2 prices,that’s zum sure, however this gives you die freedom zu choose the preis rangeyou’re most comfortable with. Just don’t expect kommen sie get a board weil das under $100,at the very least one that’s seaworthy.

Where go Decathlon fit on the preis scale? your paddle boards tendency towards ns more expensive. They have a broad range of pricing hinweisen around £249-£749. This startseite a broad enough selection that practically all buyers kann find a Decathlon board priced in ~ their very own budget.

Sometimes Decathlon does run deals on their boards. If freundin keep in eagle eye on their website then, it’s possible sie could obtain a neu Decathlon board zum much cheaper than their typical prices.


As we’ve written about on this blogbefore, blow up SUP boards schutz their benefits. Freundin don’t oase to worryabout lugging a large board an the back of your car (or an the trunk).You justbring the uninflated board v you und then usage your auto lighter zum anelectric pump or your own hands-on effort for a hand pump.

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Well, us hope sie like blow up boards,because Decathlon’s Itiwit line contains mostly inflatable options. If youwanted a non-inflatable board, there’s die 500 rigid Surfing Stand-up PaddleBoard, but it was sold the end as von this writing. That’s ns only non-inflatableboard we might find if perusing Decathlon’s website, und you can’t even buyit.


Another hugely essential factor whenchoosing a soup board zu sein which products go into die making des the board. ForDecathlon’s strictly paddle board, they use EVA foam padding finished withgripping diamond grooves. Their an ext expensive blow up boards function adropstitch through reinforcements, a slim thruster, und polyethylene stringers.All these functions are incorporated weil das convenience, stability, and durability. ist an amazon Associate. As bei Associate, we earn indigenous qualifying purchases. We so maintain affiliate relationships with other companies. To buy made through affiliate linke seite pay us a commission yet do notfall increase expense to die buyer. Weil das a complete list, check out our affiliate disclosure statement.

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The ideal Decathlon Paddle Boards

The over section proves the Decathlon paddle boards space a an excellent option for some soup riders. If you’re spring for in inflatable board and you don’t mental spending a bit an ext money ~ above it, climate Decathlon ist great. You can surf (!) their whole paddle board magazine here or look at our particular recommendations below.

To assist you in your decision-making, we’llcover an more detail several von Decathlon’s top paddle boards. Keep bei mindthese room all inflatable and based on what’s accessible on their site as von thetime of publication.