Book und Captain michael Burnham return zum Star Trek discovery season 4 an November 2021.(Image credit: Netflix)
We oase a stardate! stern Trek: discovery season 4 möchte warp ~ above Paramount to add on november 18, 2021. That was ns big Discovery-shaped nachrichten to kommen sie out des the star Trek work panels des September 8, as a new trailer was (sadly) conspicuous by its absence.

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With michael Burnham jetzt installed as die captain of the delivery –the show"s fourth commanding officer an as many years – stern Trek: discovery season 4 will lakers the crew continuing zu explore ns distant future of the 32nd century. Having actually solved the mystery von the so-called “Burn” that had actually rendered warp travel impossible, and defeated the verbrecher empire von the Emerald Chain, attentions should jetzt be turning kommen sie restoring die Federation to its previous glories. Unfortunately, that sounds prefer a neu antagonist ist about zu get in the way, in the form of a attention gravitational anomaly five light year across.

With Saru, Tilly, Stamets, Culber and all ns principal leg crew back an action, star Trek: discovery 4 ist set kommen sie continue die franchise"s recurring adventures on ns final frontier. Here"s everything freundin need zu know, yet be warned – Spoilers lied ahead weil das anyone yet kommen sie watch die previous seasons.

Release date: Star Trek discovery season 4 will release on november 18 an the US. The nur will roll out on great Plus an the US, and is expected to stream on Netflix elsewhere.

Story: With Burnham now installed together captain, as pointed out above, ns USS Discovery wollen contend v a substantial gravitational anomaly bei the 32nd century – ns idea is that the crew is dealing through a massive problem to resolve this season rather than a particular villain.

Is over there a trailer? Yes. A erste teaser for Discovery season 4 debuted in April 2021, so you kann sein get a sample of what ns writers oase planned weil das Burnham und crew bei the latest instalment des Trek’s existing flagship TV show.

Star Trek: discovery season 4 relax date

Star Trek: exploration season 4 relax date: november 2021

It was confirmed weist the stern Trek Day occasion on september 8 that stern Trek: exploration season 4 wollen debut on november 18 in the US.

The nur will release on paramount Plus, the rebranded ausführung of cbs All Access. Outside die US we intend that – like die previous periods – the nur will present on Netflix, where it"s usually available within hours des its American debut.

The vault season had barely even started airing when stern Trek: exploration season 4 gott the main greenlight on October 16, 2020. 2 weeks later, on november 2, production gott underway at die show’s Toronto base, und continued until august 2021 – the ende of shooting was confirmed an a twitter from showrunner michelle Paradise.

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Inevitably, covid-19 restrictions were a significant factor in the shoot. For starters, together dictated von Canadian rules, die cast had zu isolate for two weeks before coming to set.

Star Trek: discovery season 4 so reportedly take it advantage von a pipeline put in place for the vault season, after coronavirus restrictions kicked in. “Our editors, miraculously und heroically, take it their editing bays into their living rooms,” Alex Kurtzman, executive producer und overseer von Star Trek’s present raft of TV shows, called IndieWire. “We so scored die entire season <3>, mixed die entire season, color-timed the entire season, all from laptop.”

Reports suggest ns process was further sleek on stern Trek: discovery season 4, through revealing the the show will do use des the groundbreaking augmented reality led screens pioneered von The Mandalorian. Suddenly ns fact the travel zum location filming was off the table didn"t it seems to be ~ quite so much von a problem...

Star Trek: exploration season 4 trailer

Star Trek: discovery season 4 trailer: lakers the zuerst teaser here

"We room not bei this alone." star Trek: discovery season four, coming soon ✨ #StarTrekDiscovery #FirstContactDay 5, 2021

Yes, there"s a first teaser trailer weil das Star Trek: discovery season 4, that was unveiled at the first Contact Day online event in April 2021 – watch it above.


Expect Cleveland Booker (David Ajala) zu be a significant player in Star Trek: discovery season 4. (Image credit: cbs All Access/Netflix)

Star Trek: exploration season 4 cast

Star Trek: discovery season 4 cast: who execute we expect zu return?

This zu sein the present roll call for Star Trek: discovery season 4:

Sonequa Martin-Green together Captain michael BurnhamDoug jones as SaruAnthony Rapp as Lt Cmdr paul StametsWilson Cruz together Dr Hugh CulberDavid Ajala together BookMary Wiseman together Ensign Sylvia TillyBlu del Barrio as AdiraIan Alexander as GrayOded Fehr as Admiral charles VanceOyin Oladejo together Lt Joann OwosekunEmily Coutts together Lt Keyla DetmerPatrick Kwok-Choo as Lt Gen RhysRonnie Rowe together Lt R.A. BryceSara Mitich as Lt NilssonDavid Cronenberg together Kovich

It’s a case of ‘as freundin were’, with most of the established cast returning zum another tour des duty – presumably they’re excited to be put on new-look, Trek-appropriate primary-colored uniforms that don’t watch quite deshalb much choose tracksuits.

It goes without saying the Sonequa Martin-Green is rückseitig as Captain michael Burnham, und even though herstellung predecessor in the huge chair, Saru, has actually relocated zu his residence planet von Kaminar, doug Jones blieb has a part to play. “It felt important zum all of our characters kommen sie find neu layers for them, zu find new place weil das them kommen sie go, neu things zum our actors to play, und new ways for the characters to go,” showrunner michelle Paradise said TVInsider. “ the Saru hasn’t had actually a vast connection kommen sie Kaminar because leaving, and an a season that ist all about connection – household connection and cultural connection– it appeared like an organic place zu explore that theme with him.”

Among die lead cast, anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz reprise their functions as Lt Cmdr paulus Stamets and Dr Hugh Culber, when season 3 standout david Ajala is back as ns 32nd century’s most famous feline owner, Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker. (Sadly, a Grudge the Cat spin-off zu sein yet kommen sie be announced.) and surely mary Wiseman’s Sylvia Tilly will be looking zu make the first Officer role her own.

look at strength bei she doesn’t quite see an herself necessarily,” paradise said in TVInsider. “Then, produziert over the kurse of the season become an ext confident an herself to the place where she’s eventually able kommen sie serve together Number One, und having to essentially be acting captain in this dilemm situation, where she handle herself beautifully. What does that mean to kommen sie is, I’m sure, a question she’ll be questioning herself und we’ll it is in exploring bei Season 4.”

The supporting bridge crew wollen surely be hope to schutz a few more stories von their own, continuing their slow entstehen from elevator players zu actual personalities – now we know that Lt Joann Owosekun (Oyin Oladejo) tun können hold her breath zum 10 minutes, ns sky’s die limit. It’ll be amazing to seen what – if anything – is in store zum Lt Keyla Detmer (Emily Coutts), Lt Gen Rhys (Patrick Kwok-Choon), Lt R.A. Bryce (Ronnie Rowe) and Lt Nilsson (Sara Mitich).

Third season newcomer Blu del Barrio deshalb returns as Adira, human host des the Trill symbiont Tal, along with their boyfriend, Gray (Ian Alexander). Dr Culber’s efforts zu give Gray – who can only be seen and heard über Adira – physical form will be a huge part des the season, together Gray i do not care more und more combined with the crew. “For season 4 I’ve had a last more hand-operated involvement, prefer my suggestions weil das the future des Gray,” Alexander said Inverse. “They currently have deshalb much planned. Michelle and Alex already have this vision the I’ve very, really excited weil das everyone to be able zu see.”

“Culber does do a promise in our season three letzte to Gray that, ‘You will be truly seen,’” Paradise stated on a discovery panel weist Outfest (via TrekMovie). “And us absolutely carry out pay the off an season four. The storyline und making sure we pay it off ist hugely important.” It was confirmed von Wilson Cruz (Dr Culber) at star Trek work (via Variety) that Gray möchte be obtaining a corporeal form in Star Trek: discovery season 4.

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Anthony Rapp, that plays Stamets, added that Stamets, Culber, Adira and Gray will become a family bei Star Trek: discovery season 4: “Parenting – they’re notfall children yet they room young civilization – die pressures des how zu be available to be a mentor or overview or parent in the face of arbeit responsibilities und sort des crises, that’s in interesting sort von sub-thread through die through the season… There’s more in the means Paul and Hugh continue kommen sie evolve an their relationship. This zu sein certainly explored also in this season.”

And there’ll be weist least two acquainted faces hinweisen Federation headquarters, where Oded Fehr (Admiral charles Vance) und legendary movie director david Cronenberg (the mysterious Kovich) will be pulling part strings behind ns scenes.